Syrian air force put Turkish jets under radar lock for second time in 10 days:القوات الجوية السورية الطائرات التركية تحت قفل رادار

ASS air Force

ASS air Force

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الاثنين، 25 نوفمبر، 2013، وقتك 13:28:30
وضعت القوات الجوية السورية الطائرات التركية تحت القفل رادار للمرة الثانية في 10 أيام
أعلنت هيئة الأركان العامة التركية بأن طائرات (اف 16) تابعة لسلاحها الجوي تقوم بدورية روتنية في اقليم هاتاي جنوبا وضعت تحت إقفال رادارات صواريخ سورية لمدة 20 ثانية وهذا للمرة الثانية في 10 أيام ……………………………………………..

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Syrian air force put Turkish jets under radar lock for second time in 10 days

A Turkish F-16 jet carrying out a routine patrol duty in the southern province of Hatay was put under a radar lock by Syrian missile batteries for a period of 20 seconds, the Turkish General Staff said on Nov. 24.

“Four F-16 jets were performing an air patrolling duty on the Turkish-Syrian border when SA-2 missile systems deployed in Syria have harassed one of the F-16 planes by putting it under radar lock for 20 seconds at around 10:07 a.m. The incident occurred while the plane was in Turkish airspace over the province of Hatay,” read the statement published on the General Staff’s website.

During a previous incident that had occurred on Nov. 16, Syrian forces had put three different F-16 jets flying over the Hatay province, which borders Syria, under radar lock.

A radar lock is considered a hostile act as it amounts to interfere with a planes’ navigational systems
indicating that the missile is ready to be fired at it.

A Turkish F-4 jet that was flying over the Mediterranean Sea was downed by Syria on June 22, 2012, causing an international uproar.

More recently, Turkey shot down a Syrian helicopter on Sept. 16 after arguing that it had violated Turkish airspace by two kilometers.

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