Les Terroristes cherchent la Démocratie en Détruisant les Hôpitaux « ديمقراطية جوفاء على أنقاض المشافي السورية »


Bombing of Al-Qusayr Hospital (Homs, Sept. 3)
Opposition video of the bombing
Syrian rebels claim to have blown up a hospital in Al-Qusayr near Homs and uploaded videos of the deed.
This video names this as the al-Watani hospital.
The Telegraph reported Sept. 4
Amateur footage appears to show two huge explosions in the Syrian city of Homs, which purportedly took place on Monday. The rebel in the video can be heard saying: « Al Frouq brigade blew up the National hospital, which used to be for people, but now is being used by Assad’s forces. » … The footage emerges as the governor of the Homs area says that the city has suffered an estimated $9 billion in destruction. »
The video is shot from this rooftop.
Addounia TV in Syria had their own take:

A Russian documentary included footage ostensibly uploaded by rebels to show their preparations.

They study maps, secure a massive bomb, dig a 500-meter tunnel underneath the hospital, and then detonate. From the look of this geyser of dirt filmed a half-mile away, no one in the hospital could have possibly survived.
Another video, apparently second-hand, shows the same explosion view and prior to it some apparent views of the planning.

Bombing Two Hospitals in Aleppo (Sept. 9)

Syria conflict: Aleppo car bomb ‘kills 17’BBC News, Sept. 10

At least 17 people have been killed by a car bomb in Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, state news agency Sana says. Syrian state TV said two hospitals and a school were largely destroyed by the blast near the city sports stadium. The Free Syrian Army said it carried out the attack because the facilities were being used by government troops. Earlier, a strike killed at least five people, witnesses said.
Reuters, Sept. 9:
Video:Simultaneous bombs hit army compounds in Aleppo (1:05)


Sept. 9, Deborah Lutterbeck reports. « Residents said the facilities were used to house soldiers fighting an 18-month uprising against Assad. A woman cries for her son who was killed in the blasts. The Free Syrian Army said in a statement that it carried out the Muncipal Stadium district attack, killing or wounding 200 troops. It said the bombs were planted inside the buildings in cooperation with a loyalist sympathiser. »
Text: Simultaneous bombs hit army compounds in Aleppo
Two bombs exploded simultaneously on Sunday night next to Syrian army compounds in the northern city of Aleppo, killing and wounding scores of President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, residents and opposition activists said. The bombs targeted makeshift barracks and the military police headquarters, situated in two adjacent sealed off districts in the centre of the city, said several residents and opposition campaigners from Aleppo.
The state news agency said an explosion near a hospital and a school in the Municipal Stadium district killed 17 people and wounded at least 40. Residents said the facilities were used to house soldiers fighting an 18-month uprising against Assad. « The army had taken over the neighborhood and emptied it from residents. The hospital was turned into army barracks, » said activist Ahmad Saeed.

National Hospital in Deraa (May, 2013)

Deir Attiya, Nov. 20-23, 2013

mildly damaged ambulances at al-Baasel Hospital
November, 2013: Reported al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra, ISIS) rebel attack on al-Baasel/Bassel hospital in the Christian town of Deir Attaya, north of Damascus. Two car bombs on the 20th were followed by an incursion into the hospital. The hospital itself seems only lightly damaged, but it took days before the hospital was secured (and about a week from the initial attack before Deir Attiya itself was declared rebel-free).
During their stay, rebels reportedly attacked patients with grenades and shot down staff. At least nine civilians were verified killed by the SOHR. Details have been slow to come together and could wind up far worse. For more details see talk page section.
Aleppo, Dec. 21, 2013

Aleppo Kindi Hospital.jpg

On December 21, an al-Qaeda-led attack on Syrian military forces at Aleppo’s Kindi hospital, near the besieged central prison, was ended decisively with a reported twin suicide bombing. Photos of the facility after show it utterly ruined (see inset) by blasts said to be of « dozens of tons » of explosives. It’s clearly ruined by now as a hospital capable of saving lives or doing anything useful.

أرشيف مشافي سوريا التي استهدفت من قبل الارهابيين باعترافهم أنفسهم :

1- قصف مشفى القصير ( حمص , 3 سبتمبر 2012) والمعروف باسم المشفى الوطني , تبنتها كتائب الفاروق الارهابية .
2- قصف مستشفيين في حلب (حلب , 9 سبتمبر 2012 ) وتبناها الجيش الحر
3- الهجوم على المشفى الوطني في درعا (درعا – أيار 2013 ) وتبناها الجيش الحر
4- الهجوم على مشفى الباسل في دير عطية (22-23 نوفمبر 2013) حيث استهدف بواسطة سيارتين مفخختين أعقبها توغل ارهابي ومجزرة داخل المشفى , تبنت العملية الاجرامية ارهابي القاعدة (جبهة النصرة , الدولة الاسلامية في الشام والعراق أو داعش )
5- المشفى الكندي في حلب (21 ديسمبر 2013 ) حيث استهدف بتفجير مزدوج ارهابي وتبنى العملية الاجرامية ارهابيي القاعدة

Dernier exploit des prétendus « révolutionnaires modérés à Alep »(vidéos)
[1] Explosion de l’hôpital « Al-Kindi », hier 20 Décembre :
Traduction inutile : Takbirs takfiristes répétés !
تبنى (الثوار « المعتدلون » الفابيوسين ) في حلب التفجير الإرهابي الأخير والمزدوج الذي استهدف المشفى الكندي في حلب (20 ديسمبر ) + فيديو
(لاحظ تكرار تكبير التكفيرين (لا داعي لترجمتها

« révolutionnaires modérés », selon les dirigeants états-uniens et français ; ces révolutionnaires qu’il faudrait amener à la table de négociations de Genève II pour la Paix en Syrie et dans le Monde !
Opération unifiée de Hakifat ? al-Cham al-islamiya, Jabhat al-Nousra, et al-jabhat al-Islamiya… Le soleil de la victoire s’est levé sur Al-Kindi… Allahou akbar ! »
الثوار المعتدلون حسب تسمية الفرنسيين والأمريكان وقولهم  » هؤلاء الثوار الذين سيأتون إلى مؤتمر جنيف 2 هم من سيجلبون السلام لسوريا والعالم  » وهم أنفسهم من تبنوا تفجير المشفى الكندي في حلب بعملية موحدة ( جبهة الشام , الاسلامية وجبهة النصرة وجبهة الأحفاد الاسلامية )فأطلقوا صيحات التكبير : « الله أكبر ، لقد سطعت شمس النصر على أنقاض المشفى « الكندي

Jaques Brel: la colombe, une chanson contre la guerre d’algérie

MahaSham & Azouzi

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