GENEVE II : jour « J » moins 1



We did not accept Geneva 1 document, and ready to go to Geneva2 only without preconditions.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said on Monday that Iran is participating in the conference without accepting any preconditions.

“We accept no precondition for participating in the Geneva II [conference] and, based on the official invitation [we received], Iran will take part in the conference without [any] preconditions,” she stated.

UN acted under US pressure to take back Iran invitation

تعرضت الأمم المتحدة للكثير من الإنتقاد واتهمت بالرضوخ للضغوط الأميركية بسحب دعوتها لمشاركة إيران. ولقد عبّر المراسلون عن هذا الموقف من خلال سيل من الأسئلة التي تتهم الأمم المتحدة بالكيل بمكيالين.

Genève II: premières arrivées à Montreux
Genève II, la conférence de paix sur le conflit syrien qui s’ouvre mercredi 22 janvier à Montreux, réunit pour la première fois l’opposition et le régime de Damas

A Syrian plane with 26 Geneva 2 peace talks delegates onboard has reportedly left Greece. The plane was stranded in Athens for hours when it was refused a refuel in a fuss over EU sanctions against Syria.
The local news agency reported the plane took off from Athens airport at 15:00 GMT.
The plane had earlier been en route to Switzerland. It was permitted to pass through the relevant airspace and had to land in Athens for refueling.
However, a refuel was denied, which resulted in few hours’ delay.
The head of Greece’s Civil Aviation Workers Union has said that a Greek firm refused to refuel their plane, citing an EU trade embargo.
Vassilis Alevizopoulos said the plane was allowed to land in Athens, but the fuel company refused to refuel it due to European Union sanctions against Syria.
The Foreign Ministry had to intervene to settle the conflict. It then said that local authorities were conducting “the procedure which applies in the cases of an international embargo, and after completion, the aircraft will be fueled and will get off to its final destination.”
« Everything is OK, it has been cleared for take-off, » foreign ministry spokesperson Konstantinos Koutras, said as cited by Reuters.
Nearly three hours after unofficial negotiations the issue was settled. Refueling started at 15:30 local time, the Athens News Agency reported.
Due to the delay, the head of the delegation, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, were late for the scheduled meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Montreux, Switzerland on the eve of the beginning of Geneva 2, SANA reported.( SANA reported. & RT )

اتصال هاتفي مع رانيا الذنون موفدة الاخبارية السورية الى جنيف تتحدث عن وصول الوفد السوري

لافروف اولوية جنيف2 محاربة الارهاب

تصريحات وزير الخارجية والمغتربين وليد المعلم للصحفيين

Kerry arrives for Syria peace talks

Azouzi & Mahasham

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