GENEVE 2 : FRIDAY 24 – 1 -2014

Président de la République Arabe Syrienne

Président de la République Arabe Syrienne

SANA delegate to Geneva: reports circulated by some media outlets on any agreement before tomorrow’s sessions untrue
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Syria, Librahimi Continues Geneva Talks
Syria’s opposition and government will meet « in the same room » in Geneva on Saturday after the first day of a peace conference ended with no direct talks.

On the first day of official talks in Geneva, Lakhdar Brahimi, the Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and the League of Arab States met government delegates in the morning, and the opposition in the afternoon.

Speaking at a news conference following the meeting Brahimi said:

« We never considered that this was going to be an easy process. We knew that it was going to be difficult, complicated and as I said I think in Montreux, in our business certainty is a very rare commodity. The discussions that I’ve had with the two parties were encouraging and we are looking forward to our meetings tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. »

Brahimi pointed out what is at stake in these negotiations.

« The huge ambition of this process is to save Syria, no less than that. So I hope that all three parties, the government, the opposition and the United Nations will be up to the task. »

About the terrorism in Syria, Brahimi said:

« Nobody wants for terrorism to continue in Syria, nobody wants that except terrorists themselves. Therefore if we manage to save Syria, saving Syria will be also saving it from terrorism. »

Brahimi also said that he doesn’t expect this to be an easy process:

« We do expect some bumps on the road, it’s impossible that there aren’t any in a situation like this. We wanted really these delegations to be designated a long time ago so that we have had time, two or three weeks to talk to them and prepare this better, but, we are using this yesterday, today and tomorrow hopefully to, to make it as smooth as possible. »

Geneva communiqué is the center point of the conference and Brahimi said that its implementation is crucial.

« It’s very clear to both sides that the meat really for this conference is how to implement the dispositions in the Geneva communiqué. »

Despite the difficulties Brahimi said that he is hopeful:

« I’m worried all the time, even without the delay of today but I think we are alright, we are going to meet tomorrow. I hope that it will be a good beginning and that we will continue until the end of next week. »

« We’ve gone into this with our eyes wide open, we know it’s not easy, it’s not going to be easy any minute, but we are doing our best to make it go forward. » — added Brahimi.

The opposition and government are fundamentally divided over the aims of the conference.

The government delegation has said the main issue of the talks is finding a solution to foreign-backed « terrorism », by which it means the whole of the armed opposition.

The opposition, however, had insisted that the regime commit in writing to the Geneva I communiqué which called for a transition government

Al-Mouallem à Brahimi: la délégation syrienne est prête à commencer sérieusement le travail mais l’autre partie ne l’est pas
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عقد الوفد الرسمي السوري برئاسة نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء وزير الخارجية والمغتربين وليد المعلم لقاء في جنيف أمس مع مبعوث الأمم المتحدة إلى سورية
al-Moallem : told Brahimi that the official delegation is serious, ready to work seriously
Geneva, (SANA)- Syria’s official delegation, headed by Deputy Premier, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem held a meeting on Friday with the UN envoy to Syria
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سويسرا – جنيف لقاء مع د. بثينة شعبان المستشارة الإعلامية والسياسية في رئاسة الجمهورية

Chabaan : La conseillère politique et médiatique de la présidence de la République, Boutheina Chaabane a affirmé que la délégation est venue à Genève pour mettre fin au terrorisme …Lire la suite
شعبان: قدمنا إلى جنيف من أجل وقف الإرهاب في بلدنا ولن نتراجع عن ذلك قيد أنملة لأننا نثق بجيشنا وشعبنا
Geneva, (SANA)- Presidential political and media advisor Dr. Buthaina Shaaban, Deputy Chairman of Syria’s official delegation taking part in Geneva 2 conference

Mikdad: US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to blow up Geneva 2 conference
Geneva, (SANA)-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, member of Syria’s official delegation taking part in Geneva conference , Fayssal Mikdad affirmed that the delegation came to Geneva 2 conference to make it a success

Miqdad: Nombre de pays veulent torpiller Genève 2
Le vice-ministre des AE et des expatriés, à la conférence de Genève II, Fayçal al-Miqdad, a affirmé que la délégation syrienne a assisté à la conférence de Genève II…Lire la suite

تصريح وزير الإعلام عمران الزعبي حول اجتماع الوفد الرسمي السوري مع الإبراهيمي
سويسرا – جنيف .. موفدة الاخبارية السورية رانيا الذنون

Al-Zoubi : We have clear directives from President al-Assad to work for the success of political track
Geneva, SANA_ Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said Friday we are in Geneva because we want to defend our country and people, it is important to move the wheel of a serious discussion.

Al-Hamwi: Damas a présenté toutes les facilités au convoi de l’ONU en direction vers le camp d’al-Yarmouk
Le délégué permanent de la Syrie auprès du bureau de l’ONU à Genève, Fayçal al-Miqdad, a affirmé que le gouvernement syrien a présenté toutes les facilités nécessaires pour le convoi chargé des aides humanitaires en direction vers le camp d’al-Yarmouk …Lire la suite
أكد الدكتور فيصل الحموي مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة في جنيف أن الحكومة السورية وبالتعاون مع وكالة الأمم المتحدة لإغاثة وتشغيل اللاجئين الفلسطينيين « الأونروا » قدمت كل التسهيلات الضرورية والحماية اللازمة لقافلة مساعدات الأمم المتحدة إلى مخيم اليرموك حتى وصولها إلى المكان المقرر إلا أن المجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة أطلقت النار على القافلة ومنعت دخولها الى المخيم.
Al-Hamwi: Syrian government provided facilitations to UN aid convoy to Yarmouk Camp

Rassemblement à Amman en appui à la Syrie
Des Syriens et des Jordaniens se sont rassemblés aujourd’hui devant l’ambassade de Syrie à Amman en appui à la Syrie …Lire la suite
وقفة في الأردن دعما لسورية.. وعريضة لعشرين حزباً تطالب الحكومة التونسية الجديدة بإعادة العلاقات مع سورية- فيديو
Sit-in in Amman, March in front of UN HQ in support of Syria’s official delegation ,Read more

Marche à Genève en appui à la délégation officielle syrienne
Nombre de fils de la communauté de Syrie à Genève et de sympathisants arabes et étrangers ont organisé une marche en appui à la délégation officielle syrienne…Lire la suite
مسيرة للجالية السورية في جنيف دعما للوفد الرسمي السوري وتأكيدا على سيادة سورية ورفض التدخل الخارجي-فيديو

دمشق – مسيرة جماهيرية دعما للوفد الرسمي في جنيف
Syrie : manifestation des Syriens en soutien à Bachar al-Assad
Les citoyens syriens ont manifesté à Damas en guise de soutien au président syrien, Bachar al-Assad.
Les manifestants ont annoncé, vendredi, que le peuple syrien ne permettra jamais aux pays étrangers tels que les Etats-Unis de déterminer son destin. Les divers groupes syriens participant à la manifestation ont aussi demandé la participation d’Assad aux futures élections présidentielles. Réitérant leur soutien à Assad, malgré toutes les pressions occidentales et américaines, les manifestants ont loué l’approche de la délégation envoyée par le gouvernement syrien à la conférence de Genève II, les véritables représentants du peuple syrien qui ont su défendre, de la meilleure manière, les revendications du peuple syrien face aux plans des ennemis

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