الوفد الاعلامي السوري – جنيف 2 , GENEVE 2- The Syrian media delegation


الوفد الاعلامي السوري
الوفد الإعلامي المرافق لوفد الجمهورية العربية السورية إلى مؤتمر جنيف يلفت الأنظار.. حضور كامل وعقلية كبيرة لنقل الحقيقة
La délégation médiatique syrienne à Genève attire l’attention et était en pleine activité
Genève-envoyé de Sana/ La délégation médiatique accompagnant la délégation de la République arabe syrienne à la conférence de Genève II suscite l’intérêt des autres délégations médiatiques …Lire la suite

جنيف – سويسرا – الإعلام السوري يواصل تعرية المتآمرين
The Syrian media continues to expose the conspirators

رغم إرهابهم التغطية مستمرة … جنيف 2
Despite their terror, The coverage continuous … Geneva 2

يواصلون التضليل : ونواصل كشف مزاعمهم
They Continue to mislead and We continue to uncover their allegations

New drama to instigate public opinion in Geneva performed by opposition who supports terrorism
Jan 30, 2014
Geneva, (SANA)- In continuation of instigating the public opinion after uncovering the reality of the coalition delegation called / opposition/ who came to Geneva with a sole illusion to have authority on the corpses of the Syrians, without a serious endeavor to find a peaceful solution that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people, journalists were surprised with a drama of a different kind.
The coalition delegation called / opposition/ brought mother of the British doctor, of an Indian origin, Abbas Khan, who entered the Syrian territories illegally, and did illegitimate activities, then committing suicide in the prison before hours to set him free.
The doctor’s mother loudly directed insults in front of cameras of a number of channels which practice lies and media fabrications.
When SANA delegate to Geneva Haifa Said asked her about the reason why she directed insults, Mrs. Khan tried to beat Miss Haifa, but two accompanying persons prevented Khan from attacking SANA delegate.
Later, it was noticed that Mrs. Khan has been exploited by sides in the opposition to invest the death of her son in propaganda.
Earlier, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on December 18th, 2013 summoned the Czech Embassy in Damascus representative who is charged with managing British interests section in Syria, submitting to him a tripartite medical report on the death of the British citizens Abbas Khan Shah who had entered Syria illegally and participated in illegal activities.
The report states that Khan Shah’s death was caused by asphyxiation caused by self-inflicted hanging performed with the intent of committing suicide, with examination of the body’s torso and x-rays showing no sign of violence, struggle or use of force.
Receiving the Czech Embassy official, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said that Syria was about to hand over Khan Shah to his mother and UK MP George Gallaway who intervened to pardon him, and that this pardon was to be timed with the Christmas and New Year holidays as a gesture towards the British people.
Mikdad denounced the politicization of this issue at the hands of the British Prime Minister and other officials, demanding that British officials cease their misdirection and exploitation this human issue to serve British political interests, noting that the British government holds responsibility for sending terrorists to Syria through their support for British extremists and salafis who came to Syria alongside others from other countries.
For his part, the Czech official thanked the Syrian government for delivering the file and promised to relay it to the relevant sides.
Mazen Eyon

مسرحية جديدة في استثارة الرأي العام بجنيف.. بطلها معارضون يدعمون الإرهاب وأداتها والدة الطبيب خان شاه-+فيديو
30 كانون الثاني , 2014
جنيف-موفد سانا
« Si tu es Syrien, nous sommes alors juifs »
IRIB-Les membres de la délégation médiatique syrienne ont été surpris par la visite de la mère du médecin indien Abbas Khan au siège de la conférence de Genève-2 sur la Syrie.
A son arrivée, la mère de ce médecin tué en Syrie a commencé à lancer des accusations contre le gouvernement syrien, selon lesquelles le Président syrien Bachar el-Assad et son armée ont tué son fils. Les cris et les pleurs de ladite femme ont attiré l’attention des journalistes présents sur place.
C’est ainsi qu’un journaliste syrien s’approche d’elle et lui demande : « Que faisait ton fils en Syrie ? ». Elle répondit qu’il était à la frontière turque. Le journaliste s’exclame : « Mais l’armée syrienne n’est pas présente à la frontière avec la Turquie ! »
« Il était près de Damas », ajouta-t-elle !
Ensuite il lui demanda : « Mais pourquoi portes-tu la carte de l’opposition syrienne ? ». C’est ainsi qu’une jeune femme s’approcha de la mère du médecin et la conduisit loin des caméras. Il s’est avéré ensuite que la jeune femme n’est autre que l’épouse de l’opposant Haytham el-Maleh.
Ce qui fut attirant encore c’est que lorsque le même journaliste s’approcha d’elle, les opposants lui demandèrent de s’éloigner. « Nous sommes tous des Syriens en fin de compte », dit le journaliste. Mais la réponse ne tarda pas à venir du côté du groupe de l’opposition : « Si tu es Syrien, nous sommes alors de juifs » !
source: arabi-press
استمرارا لاستثارة الرأي العام بعد تكشف حقيقة وفد الائتلاف مايسمى « المعارضة » الذي قدم إلى جنيف وهمه الوحيد هو الوصول إلى السلطة على جثث السوريين ومن دون السعي الجدي لإيجاد حل سلمي يلبي تطلعات الشعب السوري ويوقف الإرهاب فوجئ الإعلاميون بمسرحية من نوع مختلف تمثلت بإيتاء مرتبطين بوفد الائتلاف مايسمى « المعارضة » بوالدة الطبيب البريطاني من أصل هندي عباس خان شاه الذي دخل الأراضي السورية بشكل غير مشروع وقام بنشاطات غير مسموحة وانتحر في السجن قبيل ساعات من الإعلان عن الإفراج عنه حيث قامت والدته بترديد الشتائم بصوت مرتفع وهي محاطة بكاميرات بعض القنوات التي امتهنت الكذب والفبركات الإعلامية.
وعندما سألتها موفدة الوكالة العربية السورية للأنباء سانا إلى مؤتمر جنيف « هيفاء سعيد » محاولة معرفة أسباب اطلاقها لهذه الشتائم وبقصد توضيح الأمور لها حاولت السيدة خان شاه ضربها مستمرة بإطلاق الشتائم إلى أن منعها من ذلك شخصان مرافقان كي لا يقوم عناصر الأمن في الأمم المتحدة من إخراجها من المبنى.
واتضح أن السيدة خان شاه استغلت من قبل اطراف في المعارضة بقصد استثمار وفاة ابنها في الدعاية الإعلامية الكاذبة التي برزت واضحة في هذا الي….
La mère du britannique d’origine indienne Abbas Khan Shah qui est entré illégalement dans le territoire syrien et qui s’est suicidé en prison quelques heures seulement avant l’annonce de sa libération, insulte la journaliste de SANA

الصحفية السورية أليسار معلا , Syrian anchor Elissar Moualla
من بين عشرات الصحافيين السوريين والأجانب الذين يغطون محادثات السلام السورية في جنيف ، تبرز أليسار معلا ، المذيعة السورية ذات الشعبية الواسعة التي تعمل لصالح التلفزيون السوري المملوك من قبل الدولة والتي لم تفوت فرصة لمواجهة وفد المعارضة وإمطاره بسيل من الأسئلة المحرجة.
بصوت عالي وهمة عالية توجه أليسار أسئلة صعبة في المؤتمرات الصحفية لممثلي المعارضة في المركز الإعلامي شبه الرسمي الواقع في حديقة مقر الامم المتحدة .
Syria Is Here | هنا سورية http://syriaishere.com/ar/article/8642/أليسار-معلا-الوجه-الآخر-للإعلام-السوري-عندما-يحرج-خصومه.html#ixzz2s7L62Y9q
Among dozens of Syrian and foreign journalists covering the Syria peace talks in Geneva, Elissar Moualla stands out.
The popular Syrian news anchor, working for the state-sponsored Syrian TV, never misses an opportunity to confront the opposition delegation.
With a loud and agitated voice, she asks tough questions in press conferences and she challenges statements the opposition representatives make in the more informal media hub, the garden of the UN headquarters.
« Can you tell me why the armed groups [you support] are holding women and children hostage in Homs? » she yells to an opposition spokesman.
« You claim you want to stop the fighting, but do you have control over the armed groups? » she asks another.
The conference in Switzerland is the first time the Damascus-based anchor has interacted with the Western-backed political opposition trying to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
She says the opposition representatives were « shocked » when they faced reporters from Syrian state media. « Even though they are trained to answer journalists’ questions, this is the first time they’ve been grilled by journalists coming from inside Syria. This is why they couldn’t deliver their messages as effectively as they wanted, » the 37-year-old told Al Jazeera.
For Moualla, the peace conference is a media parade – but also a battlefield of countries she believes are trying to meddle in the affairs of her country.
« This is the first time I see how big is this game of nations and how the fighters in Syria are manipulated, » she says as she sips her coffee in the press bar at the UN building, where the US- and Russian-backed talks are taking place.
« For the first time I pity the [opposition] fighters because I realize just how misled they are. They think they are fighting for the cause of freedom or a religious cause or whatever cause it is. But in reality, they are fighting the battles of other countries, » Moualla says.
« Despite all the suffering they have caused, I still cringe every time I watch them dead on TV. I don’t like them and I hate extremism, but I am human, » Moualla says.
« I always tell my colleagues: ‘When you film them, do not take these harsh images; they are humans. Cover them when you film them.' » She then quickly adds: « Those same people would kill me if they saw me. »
Many rebel groups consider state media employees legitimate targets because they defend the Syrian government. Presenting the views of her channel has come at a great cost for Moualla, who says she has received a barrage of death threats and vicious bashing. « I receive countless phone calls and messages. They once threatened to kill my father. And the swearing is as ugly as it can get ».
Going from her home in a flashpoint area on the outskirts of Damascus to her workplace in the center of the capital is also a daily challenge. She recounts the day she thought her life was nearing its end: « One time, three armed men wearing black bands around their heads tried to attack me in my car after they recognized me. They ran away after the police arrived. I will never forget that day. »
Her parents, who lived in the coastal province of Latakia, have left their hometown and moved to Damascus because they are worried about her safety.
But the threats have not deterred her from carrying on with her job. She remembers her colleagues who lost their lives and says some other pro-government journalists suffer even more than she does.
At least five employees of Syrian TV have been killed in the conflict, and the fate of one of Moualla’s friends in the channel, Mohammad Saeed, remains unknown after he was kidnapped.
Over the past three years, scores of journalists reporting on the Syrian conflict have been killed, arbitrarily arrested, subjected to enforced disappearances or tortured.
Moualla believes that the government’s narrative of events in Syria has now become an undeniable truth. « Nobody can deny it, » she says. « The government is defending its territory from terrorists. »
Moualla says that the coverage of the Syrian conflict by most media organizations has been biased, whether intentionally or unintentionally. She says atrocities committed by opposition forces have not been covered well by foreign media and the Syrian state media.
The government has at times covered up crimes committed by armed groups in divided cities like Homs, to prevent a rift among the people, she says. « The government demanded from reporters [of state media] that they do not film these atrocities, so that the Christian wouldn’t view the Muslim in a negative way, so that the Alawite wouldn’t view the Sunni in a negative way. »
« The Syrian army is killing, but it’s killing the terrorists, » Moualla insists. « There is a truth that should be acknowledged: They are monsters. They are monsters that have been released on Syrian land. Not humans. Some of them hold Syrian citizenship. But they have lost all ability to live in a normal society. »
Moualla will leave the peaceful city of Geneva for war-riddled Damascus, and return to the same death threats, the same sounds of shelling, and another news bulletin full of blood and death.
– See more at…………….

لقاءات مع الوفد الاعلامي Meetings with the media delegation

سورية ياحبيبتي – ناصيف زيتون – شهد برمدا – حسام مدنية

Azouzi & Mahasham

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