Arms, 400 kilos of explosives seized from Kiev radicals on Crimean border
The self-defense forces guarding the borders of the Ukrainian autonomous republic of Crimea have prevented a large amount of firearms and explosives from being smuggled into the republic by Kiev radicals.
The Cossacks and Berkut troops at the road checkpoint in the Crimean peninsula have confiscated explosives equivalent to 400 kilograms of TNT as well as grenades, rifles and guns, Russia-1 TV channel reports.
The blasting agent was transported in a single batch by a truck, with the local self-defense forces currently investigating the origins and the purpose of the load. They told told RIA-Novosti news agency that the driver and the passenger of the truck were Maidan activists.
“They are citizens of Lvov [in western Ukraine], Maksim Shepetaylo – born in 1990 and Vasily Pusko – born in 1989. They didn’t hide the fact that since December last year that active participated in Maidan clashes [in Kiev],” the source said.
One of the Berkut soldiers, who like many of his comrades refused to follow the order to disband from the self-proclaimed government in the Ukrainian capital, told Russia-1 TV that the majority of the arms were seized from vehicles with Kiev numbers.
The weapons have been confiscated, despite many of their owners providing documents, which prove that they are state officials or law enforcement officers, he said.
The self-defense forces have demonstrated to journalists a loaded Kalashnikov rifle, with the available evidence suggesting that shots were recently fired from it.
They also showed a small-caliber sniper rifle of foreign design, saying that the weapons of such type have been frequently used by radicals against the police during the Maidan standoff in Kiev.
Sky News also visited a Crimean checkpoint, reporting a stockpile of weapons – including shotguns, hunting rifles, axes and ammunition – which the self-defense forces said were seized from cars trying to enter Crimea.
The checkpoints are installed to make “sure that everything is in order here at the entrance to Crimea, that no-one is smuggling anything that could turn our land into another Maidan,” one of the guards explained.
The newly appointed head of the Ukrainian Navy, Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky, as well as a number of other high ranking Ukrainian military and security officials in Crimea, have sworn their allegiance to the local authorities.
The people of Crimea began protesting after the self-proclaimed government in Kiev introduced a law abolishing the use of other languages for official documents in Ukraine.
More than half of the Autonomous Republic’s population are ethnic Russians who aren’t fluent in Ukrainian and only use Russian language for communication.
Crimea has longstanding close ethnic, cultural and military links with Russia, as part of Imperial Russia since the 18th century and then the Soviet Union in the 20th century.
The peninsula’s residents have announced that they are going to hold a referendum on March 30 to determine the region’s future.

روسيا تعتبر كلام جون كيري « غير مقبول »
La Russie juge les propos de John Kerry « inacceptables »
Les services de Sergueï Lavrov ont répliqué aux menaces du secrétaire d’État américain qui évoquait de graves répercussions si Moscou persistait dans son agression contre l’Ukraine.
Auparavant, Sergueï Lavrov, le chef de la diplomatie russe avait rencontré Ban Ki-Moon lors de l’ouverture de la principale session annuelle du Conseil des droits de l’Homme des Nations unies à Genève.
« Ceux qui essaient d’interpréter la situation comme une agression et menacent de sanctions et de boycottage sont l…

Yanukovich sent letter to Putin asking for Russian military presence in Ukraine

Ukraine At The UN 3 March 14

أوكرانيا : شجرة أوباما الجديدة
Ukraine: Obama’s new tree

Will be a war crime to use force against Ukraine civilians, Russia warns self-proclaimed president
The self-imposed president of Ukraine Aleksandr Turchinov will be considered a “war criminal” in case he uses military force against the population of south-eastern part of Ukraine, Russia’s lower house Speaker Sergey Naryshkin reportedly warned.

Naryshkin held a phone conversation with Aleksandr Turchinov from the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party, who is leading a self-proclaimed government in Kiev. During the conversation Naryshkin reportedly warned Turchinov against deploying forces against Ukrainians resisting Kiev, a source told RIA Novosti.

The Ukrainian side has stated that it has no plans to resort to use of force against citizens.

Russia’s Federation Council unanimously approved on Saturday President Vladimir Putin’s request to use Russian military forces in Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians following a request from authorities in Crimea………………….

الألمانية : وفاة شخصا واصابة 9 في احداث شغب بمقر ايواء مخالفين الاقامة بجدة , لمزيد من التفاصيل
The death of a person, and injured nine others in a riot at a center of harboring violators residence in Jeddah, for more details

IRAQ Bomb Explosion Kills Senior Anti-Al-Qaïda Tribal Leader In Anbar Province 28Feb2014
العراق : انفجار قنبلة يقتل رئيس تنظيم مكافحة القاعدة وزعيم قبيلة في محافظة الانبار

صور قذائف الحقد التي أطلقها إرهابيون وسقطت بمنطقة باب توما ما أسفر
عن عدة إصابات بين صفوف المدنيين
Chute de deux obus de mortier sur Bab Toma à Damas: Plusieurs blessés
Nombre de citoyens ont été blessés dans une attaque terroriste aux deux obus de mortier lancés sur la zone de Bab Toma à Damas.
Une source au commandement de la police a déclaré à SANA que cinq civils ont été blessés par la chute d’un obus de mortier sur le quartier de Jourah, alors qu’un autre obus était tombé sur une maison abandonnée dans la zone de Qichlah et avait causé des dégâts matériels sur place.
Sur un autre plan, un obus de mortier lancé par des terroristes sur le quartier de Chaghour a causé des dégâts matériels considérables l’une des maisons à Damas.
Une source du commandement de la police a déclaré à l’envoyée de Sana qu’un obus de mortier était tombé sur l’une des maisons dans la rue d’al-Amin dans le quartier de Chaghour, causant des dégâts matériels, sans faire de victimes parmi les civils.
Ces attaques terroristes interviennent dans le cadre du ciblage continuel par les groupes terroristes armés des quartiers de Damas, où des dizaines de civils sont tombés martyrs et d’autres ont été blessés.…

ضبط حافلة ركاب محملة أسلحة على الطريق الدولي في القطيفة
Adjust a passenger bus loaded with weapons on the international road at Al – Qutaifeh

صور الاسلحة (رشاشات – قناصات ) التي تم ضبطها في ريف دمشق مخبأة ضمن حافلة ركاب
Photos of weapons (machine guns – Snipers) was detected and seizure in Damascus, which was hidden under a passenger bus

بلدة السحل , يبرود / القلمون
Break News Syria – Al-Sahl Yabrud

المرحلة الثانية من معارك يبرود
The second phase of battles Yabrood

قناة الميادين -آخر التطورات من منطقة السحل في يبرود
– Al- mayadin Ch. – Recent developments in the area of AlSahl Yabrood

تقرير قناة المنار عن سيطرة الجيش العربي السوري على مدينة السحل في يبرود
Al-Manar TV report about the control of the Syrian Arab army on
AlSAHL – Yabrood
Syrian army continues operations in the vicinity of the town of Yabroud in Qalamoun. Its army units have had the vision of all sides of the town where armed opposition groups are holed up.
Al-Manar TV correspondent from Qalamoun, Hasan Hamza, visited Rima Farms that have been restored by the Syrian army with Kuwaiti Hill.

احكام السيطرة على بلدة السحل على مشارف مدينة يبرود
L’AAS prend le contrôle total de la localité de Al Sahal située tout près de la ville de Yabroud
L’armée arabe syrienne prend le contrôle total de la localité de Al Sahal située tout près de la ville de Yabroud dans la région de Al Qalamoon

Fresh Footage of Qalamoun Battle Exclusive for Al-Manar TV
Fresh scenes for the conduct of fighting in the vicinity of Yabroud town in Qalamoun area of rural Damascus have been obtained by Al-Manar TV and broadcast on Sunday evening.
The scenes show the control of Syrian army firearms, where military vehicles bombed militants’ positions on the outskirts of Yabroud.

« Syrie: l’armée reprend une localité aux portes de Yabroud »
L’armée syrienne a repris une localité aux portes de la ville de Yabroud, l’un des plus importants bastions rebelles dans la province de Damas proche du Liban, selon la télévision d’Etat.
L’Observatoire syrien des droits de l’Homme (OSDH) a de son côté rapporté que l’armée, « progressait » dans cette localité, mais que de « violents combats se poursuivaient » entre les troupes loyalistes et les rebelles, menés principalement par le Front Al-Nosra, branche officielle d’Al-Qaïda.
« L’armée a pris le contrôle total de la localité d’Al-Sahel dans la région de Yabroud, après avoir tué un nombre de terroristes », a indiqué la télévision.
Al-Sahel se situe à six kilomètres de Yabroud, véritable place forte des takfiris contre laquelle l’armée mène une offensive depuis trois semaines pour tenter de soumettre la rébellion.
« Al-Sahel est une des principales entrées de Yabroud », a expliqué Rami Abdel Rahmane, directeur de l’OSDH.
« L’armée ne veut pas entrer à Yabroud. Son objectif c’est de prendre les localités et les collines alentours pour assiéger complètement la ville », a-t-il ajouté.
La bataille de Yabroud, située dans la région montagneuse de Qalamoun et frontalière du Liban, est cruciale pour le Liban, qui accuse les takfiris d’y piéger les voitures à l’origine des attentats qui ont secoué les bastions du parti au Liban au cours des derniers mois.
Il s’agit notamment couper la route reliant Yabroud à la localité libanaise d’Aarsal, proche de la frontière et ou les takfiris s’y réfugient.

عودة الحويجة إلى دير الزور
Syrie/Deir Ezzour: « Hawija » revient !!
IRIB-les forces de l’armée syrienne ont repris le contrôle de la ville de Hawija al Mariaa , infligeant de larges dégâts aux terroristes .

بيان من شباب الدفاع الوطني لتحرير الرقة.
A statement of the youth national defense for the Liberation of REQA.

سورية – ريف دمشق || ضبط أسلحة مهربة في حافلة ركاب
Syria – Damascus | | set of weapons smuggled in passenger bus

سورية – مجلس الشعب : نقاش بين لجنة الزراعة ووزارة الموارد المائية
Speaker al-Lahham stresses need for bills to be discussed transparently and objectively
Speaker al-Lahham also attended meetings of the committees for agriculture and irrigation, services, and rights of women, families and children.
During the meeting, al-Lahham stressed the need for bills to be discussed transparently and objectively and formulated in a proper legal manner.
He also called on Assembly members to participate in committees’ meetings and contribute to them with opinions and information in order to produce legislations that meet the needs of country and citizens.
The agriculture and irrigation discussed various issues related to water resources, including issues pertaining to irrigation, wells, preservation of water reserves, desalination, and so on.
The services committee and the rights of women, families and children committee discussed a bill on establishing the Syrian Agency for Family and Housing Affairs, an academic and research agency, with the members calling for establishing a ministry for family and population affairs.

طهران : توافق ايراني اسباني على نبذ الارهاب في سورية
Tehran: Iranian – Hispanic agree to renounce terrorism in Syria

سورية : الاقتصاد تمنح اعفاءات للبضائع الايرانية المنشأ
Syria: The Economy grants an exemption for goods Iranian origin

سورية – اللاذقية : تكريم 100 أسرة شهيد
Families of martyrs honored in Lattakia
Lattakia governorate honored Monday 100 families of martyrs in appreciation of their sons who scarified their souls to restore security and stability to Syria.
Governor of Lattakia Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-kader said that the martyrs’ sacrifices have enabled Syria to remain strong in against the conspiracy to which it is exposed.
Muftis of Lattakia and countryside, Sheikhs Zakaraia Salwaiyeh and Ghazal Ghazal affirmed that anything that would be offered to the martyrs’ families is a minimum symbol in front of their sons’ sacrifices for the sake of Homeland.
For their part, families and relatives of the martyrs affirmed readiness to offer their lives to eliminate terrorism and restore security to the country.

مسيرات حاشدة في حمص والقنيطرة تأكيدا على الثوابت الوطنية ودعما للجيش العربي السوري في تصديه للإرهاب
Mass marches voice support to Syrian army in Homs and Quneitrar
Provinces, (SANA)- Citizens in Karm al-Shami and the adjacent neighborhoods in Homs city on Monday took to the streets in support of the firm national principles and the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the armed terrorist groups.

وزير الصحة: حملة التلقيح الرابعة ضد شلل الأطفال تسير بشكل جيد ولا حالات شلل أطفال جديدة
Damas/ Le ministère de la santé a lancé aujourd’hui la 4ème campagne nationale de vaccination contre la poliomyélite, qui durera jusqu’au jeudi prochain et vise les enfants âgés moins de 5 ans.
Dr Nidhal Abou Rachid, directrice du programme de la Vaccination au ministère de la santé, a indiqué que la campagne a été lancée dans tous les gouvernorats, via 1200 dispensaires et des dizaines de points médicaux et des équipes mobiles distribuées dans toutes les zones, soulignant l’existence de 7080 employés médicaux et 1884 volontaires participants à cette campagne.
Dr Abou Rachid a, également signalé que la campagne actuelle se caractérise par une participation plus efficace par les volontaires et la communauté civile, qui l’aident à atteindre un plus grand nombre de zones auxquels l’accès était difficile lors des campagnes précédentes.

Video today :
M-79 OSA crew blown to bits by SAA
SAA strikes back – direct hit!!! Jihadi ‘rebels’ attack Syrian soldiers – and quickly learn the definition of karma.

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