Walid al-Moallem  » What Syria’s delegation to Geneva did was part of its national duty , Lancement de dialogue national en Syrie « 



Damascus, (SANA) Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said what Syria’s official delegation to Geneva conference did was part of its national duty but cannot be equalized with what every member of the Syrian Arab Army is doing in the framework of combating terrorism.
Al-Moallem was addressing the People’s Assembly during a session Wednesday in which he presented a political review on the latest political developments related to the crisis in Syria.
 »We did not take part in drafting Geneva 1 communique or the preparations for Geneva 2 conference. It was foreign ministers of Russia, US and the UN envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi who took part for long periods of time and held several meetings, » the foreign minister said.
 »We were surprised the majority of the 40-country list of invitees to the conference was countries involved in the conspiracy against Syria, » he added.
He described as shameful the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon withdrawing invitation to Iran to attend the conference twelve hours after extending it.  »He did wrong to himself and the UN by doing so, » al-Moallem added.
The Syrian delegation insisted on making the most of participation in Geneva 2 by bringing the suffering of the Syrian people to the attention of all the countries which attended, al-Moallem pointed out.  »Especially that we realized we were on a hostile turf designed to be as such, with up to 100 TV channels and thousand journalists assembled at the media center to back the so-called ‘Coalition’s delegation’. »
The Coalition’s delegation came with clear instructions and promises that bordered on illusions that it will be taking power through Geneva 2, shrugging off the idea of discussing any topic except what they called  »the transitional governing body, » al-Moallem said.
The political principles’ document that the Syrian delegation presented included Syrians’ demands in establishing an independent and sovereign state with a pluralistic democratic system that guarantees the freedom of opinion and belief as well as protecting social fabric, rejects foreign intervention and calls for the liberation of all Syrian lands under occupation, he said.
 »We were surprised the other side rejected the document and insisted on discussing transitional governing body, » al-Moallem pointed out.
 »They also rejected another sheet that included general ideas about commitment to combating terrorism, banning funds and arms transfers to terrorists and a draft communiqué to condemn US Congress agreement on financing the so-called moderate opposition, he added.
The Coalition’s delegation came to the conference with the idea of abolishing the constitution and replacing it with a constitutional declaration, ignoring mechanism for abolishing the constitution, amending it or drafting a new one, al-Moualem said.
The Syrian delegation wanted to compel the Coalition’s delegation to accept fighting terrorism targeting the Syrian people by urging its backers to stop financing terrorism. ‘But Syria’s delegation was not afraid to discuss the transitional government, especially that we had a legal study on the topic. »
He saw that Brahimi tenders his resignation with no invitation extended to a new conference in Geneva,  »then this might logically lead to two options: A continuation of the armed forces’ achievements in sync with continuing dialogue with all components of the Syrian community and the national opposition, and encouraging local reconciliations underway in several areas for them to be generalized across the country as they help stem bloodshed in Syria. »
Al-Moallem said the Israeli aggression on al-Hamidiyeh in the occupied Syrian Golan early this morning came after Israel got wind of the fact that the Syrian armed forces carried out a preemptive operation from northern Golan towards Daraa and the Jordanian borders to torpedo any thought of establishing « a safe belt » in Golan with the aim to preserve the safety of Israel.
Earlier, A military source said the Zionist enemy violated Disengagement Agreement in the occupied Syrian Golan by firing missiles and tank shells and opening machinegun fire injuring a number of Internal Security Forces personnel and civilians.
Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said Syria has managed over decades to overcome conspiracies and proved capable of aborting Western and Arab schemes, indicating that the Syrian official delegation to Geneva 2 truly expressed the will of the Syrian people.

Damas / L’Assemblée du peuple a écouté lors de sa séance tenue aujourd’hui un aperçu exhaustif donné par le vice-président du Conseil des Ministres, le ministre des affaires étrangères et des expatriés, Walid Mouallem, sur les derniers développements politiques relatifs à la crise en Syrie.
Au début de la séance, le président de l’Assemblée du peuple, Mohammad Jihad Laham, a indiqué que la diplomatie syrienne avait surmonté pendant des décennies plusieurs complots et confirmé sa capacité de faire face aux plans tramés par l’Occident et certains Arabes contre sa voie nationale arabe résistante que suit la direction syrienne pour défendre la nation arabe, ses droits et sa cause principale, la Palestine, soulignant qu’elle a confirmé à nouveau sa haute capacité d’affronter l’offensive politique et diplomatique qui la vise.
De son côté, al-Mouallem a assuré que ce qu’avait fait la délégation de la république arabe syrienne à Genève faisait partie de son devoir national, mais il n’égale point ce que fait tout soldat de l’armée arabe syrienne contre le terrorisme.
Mouallem a fait noter que la délégation de la Coalition avait des instructions claires qui avaient atteint les illusions, c’est pourquoi elle n’était pas capable d’examiner n’importe quel sujet que le soi-disant « gouvernement de transition ».
Mouallem a évoqué les rumeurs sur la démission de Brahimi et sur la non tenue de Genève 3 qu’après l’examen du gouvernement de transition, affirmant que la Syrie ne craint pas l’examen de cet article, mais la délégation de la Coalition doit s’engager, ainsi que les pays qui le soutiennent, de sécher les sources du terrorisme.
« Nous avons convenu avec la Russie de participer à Genève pour adopter une décision contraignante dans la lutte anti-terroriste », a-t-il précisé.
Mouallem a indiqué qu’en cas de la démission de Brahimi et de la non invitation à une nouvelle Genève, la logique conduit à deux choses, la 1ère est la poursuite des accomplissements des forces armées, alors que la 2ème est la poursuite du dialogue avec les différentes composantes de la société syrienne et l’opposition pour engager un dialogue national global en Syrie.

استمع مجلس الشعب في جلسته التي عقدها اليوم برئاسة محمد جهاد اللحام رئيس المجلس إلى عرض سياسي قدمه نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء وزير الخارجية والمغتربين وليد المعلم حول اخر المستجدات السياسية والأزمة في سورية.
وأكد اللحام أن الدبلوماسية السورية استطاعت على مدى عقود تجاوز العديد من حلقات التآمر « وبرهنت قدرتها على افشال المخططات التي يحيكها الغرب والعرب ضد سورية في دفاعها عن الأمة العربية وحقوقها وسيادتها وقضيتها الأساسية فلسطين ».
وأشار إلى أن وفد الجمهورية العربية السورية إلى مؤتمر جنيف 2 عبر بشكل لافت عن إرادة الشعب السوري وكبريائه وصموده ودافع عن سورية ورمزها وسيادتها الأمر الذي لاقى صداه الطيب في الداخل والخارج.

ِAzouzi & Mahasham

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