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Al-Jaafari: Syria committed to treaties on children’s rights , La Syrie respectait les traités et les conventions internationales relatifs aux droits de l’enfant

ENGLISH : New York, (SANA) – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the Syrian government is committed to international treaties and conventions on children’s rights, and that it ratified them early. During a Security Council … Lire la suite

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Syrie mon Amour Éternel ( INFOS 63)

Qatar Boycott May Mean The End For Al Jazeera: Here’s Their Controversial Beginning In front of a barrage of US cruise missiles an al-Jazeera reporter resolutely delivers a piece to camera. ‘Still many Iraqis believe they will have the final … Lire la suite

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Saudi Internet Celebrity Returning from Syria Jihad: The Factions Fight One Another, Not the Regime

A Saudi internet celebrity who is known as « al-Sambateek » and whose name is Suleiman al-Subeii tells the story of how he went to Syria to fight Jihad and ended up noticing that the so-called rebel factions are, in fact, fighting … Lire la suite

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