Syrie mon Amour Éternel (Infos 66 )

Syrie la Souveraine

Syrie la Souveraine

Prayers of thanks at Holy Cross Orthodox Church for return of the abducted nuns
Mar 10, 2014
Damascus, (SANA) Prayer of thanks was held at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Damascus for the return of the abducted nuns of St. Thecla Convent.
Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and all East for Greek Orthodox voiced in a speech which was read by Patriarchal Vicar Afram Maalouli appreciation to Syria’s leadership, Army and people who participated in releasing the nuns, adding that the picture which was drawn on the day of releasing the nuns is the one which represents the real co-existence lived by the Syrians.
He also prayed for the return of the two abducted Bishops Yohanna Ibrahim, head of the Syrian Orthodox Church (in Aleppo) and Bishop Boulos Yaziji, head of the Greek Orthodox Church (in Aleppo), calling on the entire world to end the tragedy in Syria.
The patriarch supplicated to God for protecting Syria and its citizens.

Veto Algérien et Irakien à la ligue Arabe : Le siège de la Syrie à la Ligue « arabe », réclamé par l’opposition syrienne, restera vacant.
معارضة جزائرية عراقية منعت «تسليم» مقعد سوريا
قالت مصادر إعلامية مواكبة لأعمال الدورة العربية الحالية لمجلس الوزراء أن قضية البحث في مصير مقعد سوريا في الجامعة رحلّت الى قمة الكويت مشيرة إلى أن أروقة الاجتماع شهدت محاولات تهدئة من جانب الوفود الكويتية والأردنية بين قطر والسعودية والإمارات والبحرين لكن من دون جدوى.
صحيفة السفير اللبنانية قالت أن المقعد السوري ظل خالياً، حيث لم يصل الاجتماع لقرار بشأن تسليم المقعد السوري رغم اقتراح وزير الخارجية السعودي سعود الفيصل تسليمه إلى «الإئتلاف».
وأشارت الصحيفة إلى أن الجزائر والعراق اعترضت على هذا المقترح فيما نأى لبنان عن نفسه ما حال دون منح الائتلاف مقعد سوريا وتقرر تأجيل القرار إلى قمة الكويت.

الرئيس الأسد يترأس اجتماع عمل بخصوص احداث نطقتين تنظيمتين بدمشق
President al-Assad affirms necessity of providing appropriate residence for citizens
Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad chaired Monday a work meeting regarding the accomplished phases in the new project of establishing two housing , urban zones in Damascus, the first phase is al-Mezzah, Kfar Souseh, while the second is al-Lawan, western and eastern Qadam, Asali, Nahr Aesha, Bayader Nader and al-Dahadeel.
During the meeting, discussions concentrated on the practical steps fulfilled by Damascus governorate, in cooperation with competent authorities and bodies to carry out the first phase related to infrastructure in al-Mezzah and Kfar Souseh.
President al-Assad affirmed importance of this project to provide appropriate residence to the citizen, achieve social justice and improve economic situation, particularly because these projects open wide prospects for the Syrian labor hands during the stage of implementation and new aspects of job opportunities after it.
The president referred to the necessity of generalizing this experiment and putting it within the State’s strategic frame for the constructional development process and reconstruction in different Syrian regions.
President al-Assad called for speeding up procedures to accomplish this project and let the citizen be acquainted with the specified durations and executive steps continuously, in addition to offering all needed facilitations by component bodies.
Prime Minister, several ministers, Damascus governor and a number of directors concerned attended the meeting.
A complete conception on the plan, mechanism of implementation and the underway steps to overcome obstacles in addition to necessary specifications and having tangible achievement on land to be directly and positively reflected on the citizen was presented during the meeting.

اللحام يلتقي وفداً برلمانياً روسياً: الإدارات الأمريكية المتعاقبة صنعت الإرهاب وصدرته للعالم
Speaker: U.S. successive administrations made international terrorism and exported it to entire world
Damascus, (SANA) People’s Assembly Speaker, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, stressed that cross-border terrorism which is targeting Syria is funded and planned by the colonialist western countries and their regional tools which are violating the international legitimacy on a daily basis.
Meeting a delegation representing the Russian St. Petersburg Parliament, al-Laham clarified that the successive U.S. administrations have created the international terrorism and exported it to the entire world and violated the international law.
He pointed out that freeing the nuns of St. Thecla Convent who were kidnapped by the takfiri armed terrorist groups exposes the dependency of these groups to certain countries which are supporting terrorism against the Syrian people.
Head of the Russian parliamentary delegation noted that Syria is not only an ally, but also it is a genuine friend and that Syria’s steadfastness in face of the international terrorism is a source of pride due to the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and the steadfastness of the Syrian people against the conspiracies hatched against them.
The delegation reviewed the political and civil activities being held in St. Petersburg city as to activate the role of popular diplomacy to support Syria through establishing a Russian-Syrian association for cooperation and staging sit-ins outside the U.S. consulate in protest against the US policies against Syria.
Social Affairs Minister hails role of Russian civil societies in offering assistance to affected children
In the same context, Social Affairs Minister Kinda al-Shammat affirmed that the Syrian government is working to provide basic needs and humanitarian aid to the affected, displaced families, particularly children.
The Minister, meeting the Russian delegation, said that children are the most affected part which suffers from the acts of armed terrorist groups, appreciating the efforts exerted by Russian civil associations which collect humanitarian aid and send them to Syria.
Members of the visiting delegation, for their part, showed readiness to offer possible assistances to the affected children in the country to ease their suffering, including medicine, vaccines and medical treatment.

ليبيا مصدر رئيسي للإرهاب والسلاح
Libye : Pays principal de terrorismes et de trafic d’armes

قائمة بأسماء السعوديين في المنظمات الارهابية
La liste saoudienne des organisations terroristes
Le ministère saoudien de l’intérieur publie une liste d’organisations terroristes qu’il est désormais interdit de promouvoir, de contacter, de financer…
Les Saoudiens avaient déjà fait établir des décrets religieux interdisant à leurs concitoyens de participer à des combats à l’étranger mais n’avaient pas encore interdit de les encourager financièrement.
La famille royale craint deux choses :
1/ que ces combattants acquièrent une expérience militaire qui pourraient se retourner contre eux (comme Ben Laden dans les années 90 ou comme l’attaque de la Mecque dans les années 70)
2/ ou bien que des Saoudiens s’en prennent à ses alliés ( les USA, Israël principalement).
La liste :
Al Qaida
Al Qaida dans la péninsule arabique
Al Qaida au Yemen
Al Qaida en Irak
L’Etat islamique en Irak et en Syrie (DAESH)
Le Front du soutien (Jabhat al Nosra)
Hizb Allah dans le royaume saoudien
Les Frères Muslmans
Le groupe des Houthis
Et « toutes les organisations affiliées ou y ressemblant »
(la liste est 5mn20 dans la vidéo)
Déclaration du ministère de l’intérieur 07/03/2014
بيان داخلية آل سعود 7-3-2014

سجن سعودي ثمان سنوات إثر دعوته للاحتجاج على التويتر
A Tweet too far: Saudi Arabian jailed over Twitter call ‘to protest’
A Saudi court sentenced one of its citizens to eight years imprisonment on a handful of charges, including inciting protests and mocking the monarch on Twitter.
The offender, whose identity has not been released, had been charged with inciting « families of those arrested for security reasons to protest by publishing Tweets and videos on YouTube, » justice ministry spokesman, Fahd al-Bakran, was quoted by official news agency, SPA, as saying on Sunday.
In addition to the jail sentence, the court banned the defendant from travelling for eight years and posting on social media.
Last month, Riyadh passed new counter-terrorism legislation that makes it an act of terrorism for any person to disturb public order, or defame the reputation of the state or the king.
A terrorist is defined as individuals who “insult the reputation of the state or its position… inflict damage upon one of its public utilities or its natural resources,” or those who attempt to force “governmental authority to carry out or prevent it from carrying out an action, or to threaten to carry out acts that lead to the named purposes, or incite [these acts].”
The legislation allows the security forces to arrest and detain suspects for up to six months with the possibility of extending incarceration for another six months. Suspects can be held incommunicado for90 days, without the presence of their lawyer, during the initial questioning.
Saudi Arabia is the country with the highest percentage of active Twitter users among its online population, according to GlobalWebIndex.
Amnesty International has spoken out against the regime’s oppressive practices, releasing a report titled “Saudi Arabia: Unfulfilled Promises” last October.
The report slammed the country for failing to implement any of the main recommendations they accepted under a previous review by the Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which took place in 2009.
Saudi Arabia remains one of the top five executioners in the world. The death penalty is still applied to a wide range of non-lethal crimes such as adultery, armed robbery, apostasy, drug smuggling, kidnapping, rape, “witchcraft,” and “sorcery.” Since 2009, appeals by the growing human rights movement in the country have been met with harsh measures such as arbitrary arrests, detention without charge or trial, unfair trials, and travel bans, Amnesty stated.

Syria News 10/3/2014,نشرة الخبارية السورية
– Released Nuns of St. Thecla monastery in Maaloula , arrive in Damascus amid popular and religious reception
– President al-Assad affirms to governors importance of communicating with citizens
– People’s Assembly begins discussing general elections bill
– Army tighten grip on terrorists in Homs, Hama and Idleb
– 19 gunmen turn themselves in to authorities in Homs

كمين جديد في القلمون يوقع عشرات المسلحين
Province de Damas :
Une nouvelle embuscade de l’armée syrienne contre une brigade de terroristes dans la région de Al Qalamoon tue des dizaines de terroristes.
Sur place un média syrien

الجيش العربي السوري يستعيد السيطرة على بلدة الزارة في ريف حمص تقرير طارق علي
sa périphérie dans la banlieue-ouest de Homs
Reportage Tarek Ali, Al-Myadeen 09/03/2014.
L’armée arabe syrienne a pris, en collaboration avec la défense nationale et les habitants honnêtes, le contrôle de la localité de Zarah et sa périphérie dans la banlieue-ouest de la ville de Homs. Lors de cette opération spécifique, un grand nombre de terroristes takfiristes et mercenaires ont été éliminés.

Syrian Army clear Al-Hassrajia town of terrorists after al-Zarah in Homs

الجيش السوري يحكم الطوق على مدينة مورك بريف حماة الشمالي –
Province de Hama :
L’armée syrienne et les forces de défense nationale ont encerclé complètement la ville de Mourk au nord de la province, la partie sud de la ville déjà sous contrôle total des forces de sécurité, les forces de sécurité qui continuent de progresser dans la ville.
Sur place la télévision syrienne

لحظة استشهاد الزميل المصور في قناة الميادين عمر عبد القادر أثناء تغطيته المعارك في دير الزور
Omar Abdel Qader, caméraman de la chaîne d’Al-Mayadeen est tombé en martyr à Deir Ezzor.
Beyrouth / La chaîne d’Al-Mayadeen a indiqué aujourd’hui que son caméraman, Omar Abdel Qader, était tombé en martyr, alors qu’il exerçait son travail avec nombre de journalistes d’autres chaînes médiatiques à Deir Ezzor, soulignant que le martyr Abdel Qader a été atteint dans son cou avant de quitter la vie.
Le Président du Conseil d’Administration de la chaîne, Ghassan Ben Jeddo, a affirmé que le martyre d’Abdel Qader n’obligera point la chaîne à ne pas poursuivre le travail pour dévoiler les faits en toute transparence et crédibilité, soulignant que le cadre du travail dans la chaîne est complètement partial à l’action journalistique professionnelle et nationale sans aucune réservation ou restriction.
« Nous souhaitons que le collègue Abdel Qader tombe en martyr alors qu’il filmait la libération de la Palestine occupée », a-t-il dit, faisant noter que la Syrie fait face à une campagne injuste et takfiriste lancée par des criminels et des terroristes.

اقلاع الرحلة التجريبية الأولى من مطار دمشق إلى مطار حلب 10.03.2014
Un premier vol d’essai d’un appareil civil de la flotte aérienne syrienne depuis l’aéroport de Damas en direction de l’aéroport international d’Alep.
Rappelons que l’aéroport a été fermé depuis plus d’un an pour des motifs sécuritaires. Grace aux efforts consentis par les forces combinées de l’armée Arabe Syrienne dans la banlieue est d’Alep, les secteurs entourant l’aéroport sont désormais sécurisés.

سورية وثائقي وتستمر الحياة…النبك
Documentary video , The life go ahead – Al-Nabek

Patience, ô mes enfants.
Que vos larmes arrivent dans les cœurs du monde entier

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