Erdogan you are a killer ……Erdoghan tu es assassin du peuple Syrien..


Turkish circles: Downing Syrian aircraft constitutes a war crime by Erdogan’s government
Antioch, (SANA) Thousands of Turkish people on Monday took to the streets in Antioch and Sweidieh cities in Iskenderun district to express support to the Syrian Arab people against terrorism and to condemn Erdogan’s support to the armed terrorist groups.
SANA correspondent in Iskenderun district said that the participants in the rally raised banners condemning foreign interference in Syria and rejecting war on it and chanted slogans against Erdogan and the US existence in the Middle East.

ت صفر

They also expressed support to the Syrian people in confronting the armed terrorist groups .
They denounced the policy of the Justice and Development Party’s leader Recept Tayyip Erdogan who supports the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

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Turkish CHP: Aggression on Syrian aircraft is provocation to war
The Republican People’s Party ( Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, CHP) Deputy Leader Halok Cuch described downing the Syrian aircraft as a “provocative adventure” by the Justice and Development party leader, Recept Tayyip Erdogan, to serve his politcal greed.
At a press conference, Cuch said the aggression on the Syrian aircraft is a provocation to war and a big crime that is added to the register of the burglary and stealing acts committed by the government of Erdogan and the Turkish people will dispose of the Justice and Development Party’s government soon.

ت باءEarlier, Syria dismissed military aggression which the Turkish government has waged against Syria’s sovereignty and the sanctity of its land in Kassab area over past two days as reflecting Turkey’s actual involvement in the events in Syria from the beginning of the crisis up to now.An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry labeled in a statement on Sunday Turkish aggression as “unprecedented and unjustifiable” that also reflects bankruptcy of Erdogan.The aggression, the source noted, included firing tank and artillery shells on the Syrian territories to secure coverage for the armed terrorist groups to enter into Syria from the Turkish land.Turkish Peace Association: Targeting Syrian aircraft a war crimeIn a relevant context, Turkish Peace Association stressed that the Turkish people will held Erdogan accountable for his continued provocative against Syria, asserting that targeting the Syrian aircraft constitutes a “ war crime” committed by Erdogan’s government against Syria.In a statement, the Association said that “downing the Syrian aircraft came in the framework of the Justice and Development Party’s electoral campaign.”                          “The Syrian aircraft didn’t violate the Turkish airspace as there is no evidence which proves that,” the statement said.

مظاهرات غضب في لواء اسكندرون -1

Citizens in Liwa Iskendrun protest Erdogan support to terrorist aggression on Syrian people                                                                                                                              Antakya, SANA, Citizens of Harbiyat region in the usurped Liwa Iskendrun province took to streets on Tuesday to condemn and protest the support offered by Prime Minister of Justice and Development Government in Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the new aggression launched by terrorist groups on the Syrian people.

مظاهرات غضب في لواء اسكندرون -2

The protesters cut off the road in front of ambulances which were transporting the wounded terrorists, who had participated in the terrorist aggression on Kassab, to hospitals.
They expressed deep outrage and resentment of Erdogan’s support to the terrorists who shed the Syrian people’s blood.
SANA correspondent in Antakya said thousands of protesters raised placards and chanted slogans that denounce Erdogan’s government’s backing to the terrorist hostile war against Syria.Ambulances which were transporting the injured terrorists were forced to stop due to the protest.The same region also witnessed mass demonstration afternoon where participants raised the Syrian and Turkish flags, rejecting practices and policies of Erdogan and his government.

مظاهرة غضب في لواء اسكندرون احتجاجا على دعم أردوغان للعدوان الإرهابي على الشعب السوري
خرج أهالي منطقة حربيات في لواء اسكندرون السليب أمس بتظاهرة غضب حاشدة استنكارا لدعم رئيس حكومة حزب العدالة والتنمية في تركيا رجب طيب أردوغان للعدوان الجديد الذي تشنه المجموعات الارهابية بحق الشعب السوري وقطعوا الطريق أمام سيارات الإسعاف التي تنقل الإرهابيين الجرحى إلى مشافي المنطقة بعد مشاركتهم بالعدوان الإرهابي على كسب.

مظاهرات غضب في لواء اسكندرون - 3

وعبر الأهالي عن غضبهم واستيائهم الشديدين من دعم أردوغان وحكومته للإرهابيين الذين يسفكون دم الشعب السوري وقيام سيارات الإسعاف التركية بنقل جرحى هؤلاء الإرهابيين من كسب إلى المشافي للعلاج بعد تعرضهم للإصابة خلال تصدي الجيش العربي السوري والدفاع الوطني لاعتداءاتهم على كسب.
وأفاد مراسل سانا في أنطاكية بأن الآلاف من المتظاهرين من أهالي حربيات عبروا خلال لافتات حملوها وهتافات أطلقوها عن تنديدهم واستنكارهم لدعم حكومة أردوغان للحرب العدوانية الإرهابية على سورية مؤكدين رفضهم لدعم هذه الحكومة لعصابات الإرهابيين أو من يسمون « الجهاديين » قتلة السوريين بكل أطيافهم.
واضطرت سيارات الإسعاف التركية التي تنقل الإرهابيين الجرحى للتوقف بسبب المظاهرة رغم محاولتها عبور المنطقة دون صوت وبأعداد أقل من قبل.
كما شهدت المنطقة ذاتها مظاهرة جماهيرية أخرى غاضبة مساء أمس حمل المشاركون فيها الأعلام السورية والتركية مؤكدين رفضهم لممارسات وسياسة أردوغان وحكومته المعادية لسورية.

Manifestation à Alexandrette en rejet de l’appui d’Erdogan à l’agression contre le peuple syrien
Antioche / Les habitants de la zone de Harbiyat à Alexandrette ont manifesté aujourd’hui contre l’appui du chef du gouvernement du Parti de la Justice et du Développement en Turquie, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, à la nouvelle attaque menée par les groupes terroristes contre le peuple syrien à Kassab.
Les manifestants ont exprimé leur colère de l’appui d’Erdogan et de son gouvernement aux terroristes qui versent le sang du peuple syrien.
En outre, la même zone a connu ce soir une autre manifestation durant laquelle les participants avaient hissé des drapeaux syriens et turcs et affirmé leur refus des actes et des politiques d’Erdogan et de son gouvernement hostiles à la Syrie

كليجيدار أوغلو .. اللص لا يتحول إلى بطل
Kligyar Oglo (opposition) s’adressant à Erdghan « Un Voleur ne peut devenir Héro

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