Syrie mon amour Éternel (INFOS 82 )

A Syrian woman protests UN aid denial by setting herself ablaze in Lebanon
Beirut, (SANA) A Syrian woman set herself ablaze in front of a UN agency to protest her not being given humanitarian aid in the northern city of Tripoli, Lebanon, on Tuesday.
Mariam Abdulkader set herself on fire outside Rashid Karami Fair in the Lebanese city where she was denied relief aid that was to be offered by the UN agency to displaced Syrians in Syria’s neighboring country.
The Lebanese national news agency said the flames to Mariam’s body were extinguished before she was taken to a hospital in Tripoli to be treated.
Mariam’s husband said his wife doused herself with gasoline and set herself alight in protest of the UN relief organizations denying humanitarian assistance to her family and other Syrian refugees.
ما نقلته قناة العربية عن إطلاق نار كثيف في ساحة الأمويين بدمشق عار من الصحة
Les informations véhiculées par Al-Arabiya sur des tirs de feu à la place des Omeyyades sont infondées
Damas / L’envoyé de Sana a affirmé que les informations véhiculées par la Chaîne Al-Arabiya sur des tirs de feu sur la place des Omeyyades à Damas sont infondées, indiquant que le mouvement de circulation à la place est normal.

تغطية مباشرة لرصد تطورات الأوضاع في اللاذقية وزيارة الوفد البرلماني الأرمني
Developments of the situation in Latakia and the visit of the Armenian parliamentary delegation

مقتل ارهابيين بعد تسللهم إلى المرصد 45 في كسب
Terrorists killed after being infiltrated to checkpoint 45 in Kasab

المنار \\ الجيش العربي السوري استعاد النقطة 45 بعملية نوعية دقيقة وكبد المسلحين خسائر كبيرة
Province de Lattakieh :
L’armée syrienne contrôle entièrement la position 45 et ses alentours au nord de Lattakieh, les terroristes subissent de très lourdes pertes depuis le début de leur offensive au nord de la province.

Mort du chef militaire de Jabhat al Nosra à Lattaquié
Al Mayadeen : « Syrie : Abou Al Layl, le chef militaire du Front al Nosra a été tué et Abou Abd Allah, son chef militaire à Alep a été blessé au cours de combats contre l’armée syrienne dans la province de Lattaquié » Al Mayadeen Tv
سوريا :مقتل ابو الليل الامير العسكري لـجبهة_النصرة واصابة ابو عبد الله الامير العسكري لحلب :اثناء اشتباكات مع الجيش السوري بريف اللاذقية
الفضائية السورية – المراسل الحربي جعفر احمد واخر التطورات في كسب
The latest developments in Kasab – with Jaafar Ahmad

الجيش السوري يسقط منطاد تجسس تركي في ريف اللاذقية
The Syrian army drop a Turkish spy blimp in the countryside of Lattakia

الميادين \\ اللاذقية – الصحفي مجد ليلى وا خر التطورات
The latest developments in Latakia -with Majd Laila

حصلت المنار على صورة حول العملية النوعية في القلمون التي قضت على مجموعة من الارهابيين
Dimanche dernier Une équipe de la Force Spéciale Arabe Syrienne c’est infiltrée à un village du Qualamoun encore sous contrôle des Terroristes à prés de 11 Km dans la Zone des terroristes pour arriver dans une Villa ou une Bande Spécialisée en préparation de voiture Kamikaze et elle a réussie de neutraliser quatre parmi les sept se trouvant sur sa liste

اختتام اعمال القمة العربية بالكويت
The conclusion of the Arab summit in Kuwait

الكويت-سانا دون أي مفاجآت وتحت الضغط الأمريكي اكتفى المجتمعون فيما يسمى قمة العرب بالكويت بورقة إعلانات تحمل ذات الكلمات والمضامين المكرورة
والجديد فيها الدعوة المتصاعدة للتدخل الخارجي في شؤون المنطقة
Several Arab countries urge political solution in Syria
Kuwait, (SANA) A stress on the need for settling the crisis in Syria politically and unification of Arab efforts to confront terrorism was expressed by several Arab countries in their Kuwait Summit.
Algerian National Assembly Speaker Abdul Qadir Bin Saleh stressed the importance of finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria through the track launched in Geneva.
Bin Saleh clarified during his speech before the Arab Summit, held in Kuwait Tuesday, that the solution to the crisis in Syria will not be through the military approach.
He warned that the continuation of the crisis in Syria would leave the door open to scenarios with dire consequences.
For his part, Iraqi Vice President Khodair al-Khozaei cautioned that « Terrorism is a dangerous plague…and those who think they are isolated from it are mistaken, » calling upon everyone to take a firm stand against terrorism and cooperate to counter it.
Al-Khozaei went on saying that the terrorists who are fighting today in Iraq will find all the excuses and justifications to take all Arab arenas as a field for their criminality.
Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour stressed that the political solution is the sole outlet for the crisis in Syria, pointing out that Egypt has strongly supported the international efforts that led to the convening of Geneva talks, as it is now exerting efforts towards a convergence of views among the various national opposition forces on a unified vision that pushes the political solution forward.
Mansour called for preserving Syria’s territorial integrity and independence, warning of terrorism that is threatening everybody with no exceptions, saying “that requires the prompt activation of the Arab agreement on counterterrorism and the rejection of providing support and haven to terrorism in any form. »
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, for his part, stressed that the best solution to the crisis in Syria can be reached through the political approach, expressing hope that the calamity of the Syrian people will soon end in a way that achieves their aspirations and maintains the country’s unity and territorial integrity.
Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi called for working to put an end to the bloodshed and devastation in Syria through joint efforts and a political solution that fulfills the requirements of the Syrian people and provide guarantees to all sides for broadening participation of all sides.
Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz said a peaceful solution is required in Syria in a way that maintains its stability, territorial integrity and mitigating its people’s suffering.
The Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir stressed that the peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria is the only means for regaining stability and security to the country, clarifying that the solution should include all components of the Syrian society.

اعتصام أمام مفوضية الأمم المتحدة في العاصمة الأرمينية يريفان للمطالبة بإدانة عدوان حكومة أردوغان على كسب
Armenians protest Erdogan’s government attack on Kassab
Yerevan, (SANA) Armenians gathered Wednesday outside UN Commission headquarters in the Armenian capital Yerevan to protest the Erdogan government-led attack on Kassab area in Lattakia countryside.
« We condemn UN silence over this crime and believe that it is a tacit approval of Turkey’s conduct, » The protestors told journalists.
Protestors handed UN Commission a letter that condemned the attack, describing it as a violation of the international law and a breach of international commitments.

السيسي يعلن استقالته من منصب وزير الدفاع وعزمه الترشح لانتخابات الرئاسة في مصر

وزبرة الثقافة: إعادة ترميم قلعة الحصن لتعود إلى ألقها وافتتاح أبوابها لاستقبال الزوار بأقرب وقت
Culture Ministry to start works of restoration for Krak Des Chevaliers
Homs, SANA, Minister of Culture Lubana Mshaweh affirmed Wednesday Krak Des Chevaliers, which was damaged by acts of armed terrorist groups, will be restored to return to its distinction, charm and open its doors in front of visitors.
“A team of Syrian archeologists will visit the citadel next month to evaluate damages and draw plans to start works of restoration according to international standards” the Minister said during a tour in the citadel.
Historic Krak Des Chevaliers is registered on the World Heritage Record.
For his part, Homs Governor Talal Barazi said work has started to provide suitable infrastructure for works of restoration.
Director of the citadel, Naema Mhartam, added that targeting the historic fortress was systemized and studied by the armed terrorist groups, mostly affected was the hall of chivalries and the stairs leading to the main square, saying it is possible to restore all these damages.
حملة الوفاء الأوروبية لتوسيع التعاون الإغاثي , سورية : دمشق
Social Affairs Minister meets organizers of European al-Wafa Campaign
Damascus, (SANA) Social Affairs Minister Kinda al-Shammat asserted that the Syrian government is committed to delivering aid to all affected people across the country, but the repeated attacks of terrorist groups hinder the delivery of aid to some area including Yarmouk Camp.
Meeting the organizers of the European al-Wafa Campaign on Wednesday, al-Shammat said that the aid provided by the Campaign represent honest support for the Syrian people that seeks to alleviate their suffering due to the war they’ve been exposed to for three years.
She pointed out that terrorists target makeshift residential centers in several areas with mortar rounds, noting that the government established these centers to preserve the dignity of people who fled their homes due to terrorism.
For his part, head of the Campaign Amin Abu Rashed said that they have worked to send humanitarian aid convoys continuously for around a year in an attempt to help affected and displaced people in Syria as a sign of gratitude.
He said that the 80 tons of aid brought by the current convoy he accompanied to Syria, which arrived on Monday and is the eighth of its kind, will be distributed under supervision of representatives from Europe and Malaysia.
One of these representatives, head of the Malaysian Al-Aqsa Foundaiton Hafezi Mohammad Nour, affirmed that the Malaysian people want to help alleviate the suffering of affected families, both Palestinian and Syrian

المقداد يحمل داعمي المجموعات الإرهابية مسؤولية الوضع المأساوي للمخيمات الفلسطينية
Mikdad: Syria supports Palestinian people against US-backed Zionist policy
Damascus, SANA, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed Wednesday Syria’s strategic stance which supports Palestinians struggle to regain its legitimate right of return and establish Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
Mikdad discussed during a meeting with Assistant Secretary General of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, General Command, Talal Naji inhuman blockade imposed by armed terrorist groups on al-Yarmouk camp in Damascus that prevent food and medical aid from being delivered to the camp.
He underlined Syria’s support to Palestinian people against the US-backed Zionist polices aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause including the racist call adopted by US to recognize the so-called Jewish state.
“Al-Yarmouk camp blockade comes within conspiracy carried out by Israel’s tools in the region to liquidate Palestinian cause” Mikdad said, holding supporters of terrorists in Syria responsible for the dilemma to which the Palestinian camps in the country are passing through.
He appreciated efforts exerted by the Palestinians factions in Syria in cooperation with the Syrian government to end the siege on the camp and expel terrorist groups from it, delivering food and medical aid to the residents there and evacuating students and patients from it.
Naji, for his part, briefed Mikdad on Palestinian factions’ efforts to free Camp from the terrorist groups and deliver food to citizens there affirming unity of the Palestinians towards the situation in the Camp, represented by expelling all terrorists from it.
مسيرة حاشدة لأهالي تجمع حجيرة للنازحين من الجولان المحتل وفاء لأرواح الشهداء
Provinces, (SANA) Residents of Hejjeira gathering of displaced people from the occupied Syrian Golan and the surrounding areas took to the streets on Wednesday, expressing support to the Syrian Arab Army which has achieved great victories in its war against terrorism.
The Participants, who raised the Syrian flags and placards which stress national unity, condemned the crimes of armed terrorist groups against civilians.
They affirmed that Golan citizens and the Syrian people will not abandon their Homeland or army in spite of the pressures practiced on Syria.
Ma’an Salah al-Din Ali, Governor of al-Quneitra underlined that citizens of the city and the Golan’s will remain committed to support the army soldiers who carry on a brave battle to restore security and stability to the country.

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