ERDOGAN : Kasab Crossing … Illusion of Victory, Liberation !!!


After the consecutive victories of the resistance’s axis Erdogan-Gul in the region, the elements of the international plot against Syria have decided to move the battlefield from its southern to its northern borders in order to secure ‘Israel’ and to involve Turkey.
The clashes in Kasab will not lead to a strategic victory for the militant groups as the city of Kasab itself is not strategic, political researcher Taleb Ibrahim told Al-Manar website.
Ibrahim added that the militant groups in Syria are trying to attain a moral victory after the consecutive defeats that they have suffered recently.
Strategic expert Dr. Hasan Hasan told Al-Manar website that the media circulation of the « South’s Battle » aimed at drawing the attentions away from the plan of Kasab’s battle.

Erdogan_GulThe Turkish PM Recep Tayyeb Erdogan is clashing with the president Abdollah Gul and other Turkish factions, including the secularists and the army that started to regain a political influence in the light of releasing General Alger Bashkorg who was accused of a case of inversion.
Erdogan considers that he would be the scapegoat of the Syrian crisis as he encounters internal political defeats.
Scandals of corruption have deteriorated Erdogan’s political position before the municipal elections. As a result, he wanted to involve the Turkish army in a direct clash with the Syrian army in an attempt to set an emergency case in his country so that he could cancel the elections.
‘Israel’ is completely convinced that any insane aggression against Syria will be fiercely encountered by the axis of resistance, Turkey is trying to play the Israeli role by inflaming Latakia’s Front instead of the Southern one.
Ibrahim considered that the Russian military existence at the Mediterranean will prevent Turkey from attaining any victory in Kasab.
Dr. Hasan also considered that Turkey is in complete coordination with ‘Israel’ in this step as launching this attack is considered as one of the last plots that international war against Syria can set.
The conflict between Russia and the NATO has intensified, especially in Crimea and Syria. Thus, the relation between the two files is direct and clear. 
The NATO aggression in Kasab comes in the context of the American response to the Russian persistence on approving Crimea annexation.

Russia warships

Moscow considers that Syrian resistance in facing the international plot has founded new international balances which along with the Russian military deployment at thRussian Warshipse Syrian coast enhanced the recurrence of Russia’s strategic role in the world. 
In a different context, Ibrahim pointed out that the city of Yabroud in Qalamoun used to be a main Mossad stronghold before it was liberated by the Syrian army and that Erdogan’s direct intervention in the Syrian war reflects his desire to fight in the behalf of the Israelis.
Dr. Hasan Hasan also noted that the Israelis utilized the strategic position of Yabroud to be a the separation wall between the elements of the resistance’s axis from Iran to Palestine.
He added that Yabroud’s liberation will enhance that of the entire Qalamoun and the Golan Heights.


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