Syrie mon amour Éternel ( INFOS 89 )

Jaramana;la ville Martyre

Jaramana;la ville Martyre

Exposing the US Intelligence and Nato Propaganda Machines
فضح الاستخبارات الامريكية وأدواتها من الناتو
La propagande des « amis de la Syrie » mise à nue. On cherche vainement dans ces « combattants syriens de la liberté », le moindre …..Syrien..
Quant à la chaîne El Arabia d’Arabie Saoudite elle n’a peur de rien, ce qui témoigne bien du degré de cynisme de ces malades amis des Occidentaux. Elle cache le fait que l’attaque « rebelle » part de la Turquie. Non, elle prétend tout simplement que cette attaque provient de l’intérieur de la Syrie.

Opposition ballots found in trash bags in southern Turkey
وجدت صناديق اقتراع المعارضة في أكياس قمامة مرمية في جنوب تركيا
Used ballots, marked for the main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), have been found in the garbage of six schools used as polling stations in the southern province of Osmaniye.
City residents reported the incident to the police when they found the used ballots in the trash in Osmaniye’s Düziçi district. According to reports, the schools where the ballots were found are the Uzunbanı Elementary School, Atatürk High School, Atatürk Elementary School, Cumhuriyet High School, Cumhuriyet Elementary School and ÇEAŞ Anatolian High School.
It was claimed that the ballots were planned to be burned.
Candidates from the CHP and MHP have filed an official complaint to the Public Prosecutors’ Office and have appealed to the Supreme Election Council (YSK).
The Düziçi Police Department has launched an investigation into the incident.
The ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) candidate Ökkeş Namlı won in the Düziçi district with 10,294 votes. The CHP’s Alper Öner received 9,854 votes, while the MHP’s Muhammet Kaya received 5,179 votes.
Police use water cannons as protesters denounce vote-rigging allegations in Ankara
Crowdsourcing vote recounts in a polarized Turkey
Turkish elections power blackout culprit found: A CAT!
Local elections special coverage by Hürriyet Daily News…
Syria’s UN envoy says insurgents gearing up for chemical attack
مبعوث سوريا في الأمم المتحدة أرسل يقول أن المتمردين يتحضرون لهجوم كيميائي
Syria may be in for another gas attack. The Syrian ambassador to the UN says insurgents are plotting to carry out a chemical attack around the capital Damascus.
In a letter to the UN Security Council, Bashar al-Jaafari warned that based on intercepted communications, some militants are preparing for a chemical attack, and already distributing gas masks. Jaafari says the insurgents are planning to blame the assault on the Syrian government to increase pressure on Damascus. Syria saw deadly chemical attacks outside the capital in August, and in Aleppo in March. A leading member of a UN inquiry commission said testimony from victims of the conflict suggests that insurgents and NOT the government used the nerve agent Sarin outside Damascus.

SYRIA CHEMICAL RED ALLERT: Terrorists Are Planning New Attacks
حالة تأهب قصوى لاجل الكيميائي السوري , فالمتمردين يخططون لهجمات جديدة
April 2, 2014 – In order to stop or slow down the victories of the Syrian Arab Army against the gangs of mercenaries-terrorists and to give help on the ground to the Obama’s cannibals-cutthroat, Syria may be in for another gas attack. The Syrian ambassador to the UN says terrorist gangs are plotting to carry out a chemical attack around the capital Damascus, in the Jobar’s area.
In a letter to the UN Security Council, Bashar al-Jaafari warned that based on intercepted communications, some militants are preparing for a chemical attack, and already distributing gas masks.
Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that terrorist groups are planning to launch attacks using chemical weapons in Jobar area to accuse Syrian government of it , as indicated in a phone call between terrorists monitored by the authorities.
Al-Jaafari said the Syrian authorities also intercepted another call between two terrorists, one of them referred to as Abu Jihad who said there will be a use of toxic gas in Jobar area, asking the terrorist members working with him to prepare gas masks.
He added the purpose of this talk is to use toxic gas once again to accuse the government of the attack, just like what happened last year in Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside and in Aleppo before it.
Syria’s Permanent Representative said more critical piece of information is that terrorist organization known as Jabhat al-Nusra broadcast a video on their YouTube channel on March 23rd showing preparations for carrying out a bombing in Sukkar site in Adra area in Damascus Countryside, where Jabhat al-Nusra and Al Qaeda terrorists are running amok.
He noted that the video showed a BMP armored vehicle loaded with 7,000 kilograms of TNT and C4 and driven by a terrorist called Shamel al-Ansari, in addition to another car loaded with explosives driven by a Jordanian terrorist called « Abu Stef al-Urduni, with the purpose of the two vehicles is to detonate them in Sukkar site, which contains chemicals.
There’s nothing called international community, unfortunately, al-Jaafari said « we directed two letters to the Security Council to have the countries that keep talking about the threats of chemical weapons to pressure the countries sponsoring and funding these terrorist groups — specifically Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari governments — to prevent such terrorist acts by pressuring these gangs and terrorist gangs » adding that now this matter is in the hands of the Security Council.
He added that joint coordinator of the UN and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) as well as the UN Secretary-General are aware of this, and the Syrian authorities are doing their duties in this regard, noting that the area in question is blockaded, adding « as far as we are concerned as a government, we are doing our duty to the fullest, but the issue now has regional, and international and Arab aspects. »
Regarding developments in Kassab and Lattakia countryside, and the steps to be taken by the Syrian government, al-Jaafari said on the political side, Syria sent five letters on the issue of Kassab to the UN Secretary-General and President of Security Council during past seven days, with all letters full of information on the direct involvement of the Turkish government in sponsoring the terrorist attacks on Kasab.
« These terrorist groups came from Turkish territories and were covered by Turkish artillery, tanks and aircrafts so that they aren’t engaged by the Syrian Army in that area, with the purpose of the Turkish military involvement being an attempt to distract the Syrian Army form these terrorist groups so that they may commit their heinous acts, » he said.
Al-Jaafari pointed out that there’s considerable migration of Syrian Armenians from Kasab and that there have been many victims, but the Syrian authorities are liberating the area one meter at a time, with intense battles taking place there.…

تلقى الرئيس الأسد رسالة من الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين
President al-Assad received a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin

ماذا في تبادل الرسائل بين الاسد وبوتين؟+فيديو
Al-Assad: Le rôle que joue la Russie contribue à la mise au point d’une nouvelle carte d’un monde multipolaire
Damas /Le président Bachar al-Assad a reçu un message verbal du président russe, Vladimir Poutine, confirmant la poursuite du soutien russe à la fermeté du peuple syrien dans tous les domaines face au terrorisme international soutenu par certains pays occidentaux et régionaux.

موسكو تطالب بتحويل العدوان على كسب الى مجلس الأمن
Moscow demanding transfer of aggression on KASAB to the Security Council

| الرئيس الأسد الدور المهم لروسيا يسهم بشكل جلي في رسم خريطة جديدة للعالم –
Le President al-Assad :
Recevant aujourd’hui une délégation de la Société impériale orthodoxe de Palestine, présidée par Sergueï Stepachine, président de la société, le président al-Assad a exprimé son appréciation des positions enracinées de la Russie soutenant la Syrie et sa satisfaction devant la coopération et la collaboration entre les deux pays amis.
Le président al-Assad a signalé que le rôle que joue la Russie sur la scène internationale contribue à la mise au point d’une nouvelle carte d’un monde multipolaire qui réalise la justice internationale, et verse dans l’intérêt des peuples attachés à leur souveraineté et à l’autonomie de leurs décisions.
« Le peuple syrien n’a de choix que de réaliser la victoire dans sa guerre contre le terrorisme et la pensée obscurantiste extrémiste intruse dans notre société, et ce via son attachement à la diversité, à la modération et à l’illumination intellectuelle qui distinguent cette société durant de longues siècles », a dit al-Assad.
Pour sa part, Stepachine a affirmé la condamnation de son pays aux actes de tuerie que les groupes terroristes armés perpètrent en Syrie, dont récemment l’attaque qui a visé Kassab, faisant savoir que la société qu’il préside, collecte des dons pour les envoyer aux habitants de cette zone

Saudi Arabia declares all atheists are terrorists in new law to crack down on political dissidents
أعلنت المملكة العربية السعودية أن الملحدين هم إرهابيين وفق القانون الجديد لقمع المعارضين السياسيين
Saudi Arabia has introduced a series of new laws which define atheists as terrorists, according to a report from Human Rights Watch.
In a string of royal decrees and an overarching new piece of legislation to deal with terrorism generally, the Saudi King Abdullah has clamped down on all forms of political dissent and protests that could « harm public order ».
The new laws have largely been brought in to combat the growing number of Saudis travelling to take part in the civil war in Syria, who have previously returned with newfound training and ideas about overthrowing the monarchy.
To that end, King Abdullah issued Royal Decree 44, which criminalises « participating in hostilities outside the kingdom » with prison sentences of between three and 20 years, Human Rights Watch said.
Yet last month further regulations were issued by the Saudi interior ministry, identifying a broad list of groups which the government considers to be terrorist organisations – including the Muslim Brotherhood.
Article one of the new provisions defines terrorism as « calling for atheist thought in any form, or calling into question the fundamentals of the Islamic religion on which this country is based ».
Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director of Human Rights Watch, said: « Saudi authorities have never tolerated criticism of their policies, but these recent laws and regulations turn almost any critical expression or independent association into crimes of terrorism.
« These regulations dash any hope that King Abdullah intends to open a space for peaceful dissent or independent groups, » Mr Stork said.
Human Rights Watch said the new regulations were also a setback to campaigns for the protection and release of a number of prominent human rights activists currently jailed in Saudi Arabia. It said Waleed Abu al-Khair and Mikhlif al-Shammari recently lost appeals and will soon begin three-month and five-year respective sentences for criticizing Saudi authorities.
The organisation said the new « terrorism » provisions contain language that prosecutors and judges are already using to prosecute and convict independent activists and peaceful dissidents.…/saudi-arabia-declares…
دمشق || الحلقي مواصلة تأمين مستلزمات صمود الشعب السوري
Damascus | | ِAl-Halaqi continue to ensure the requirements of the Syrian people’s steadfastness

حسين مرتضى – مباشر الجيش السوري يستهدف المسلحين في جوبر والغوطة الشرقية
Banlieue de Damas, des unités de l’armée arabe syrienne ont infligé de lourdes pertes aux terroristes du Front Nosra et de la Brigade d’al-Ansar à Jobar, Douma, Ghouta-est, Daraya, Zabadani et Qalamoun

وحدات من الجيش تسيطر على عدد من الأبراج الهامة في حي الوعر بحمص
Homs, 10 terroristes ont été tués dans le quartier de Waer. L’armée arabe syrienne a aussi éliminé de terroristes à Rastan et Oneq al-Hawa, ainsi que 15 autres à Saan dans la banlieue est de Homs

سوريا .حمص .عواقب الجرعات الزائدة من المخدرات , يحتاج الارهاببيين لاعادة تأهيل
Suria.Homs. Consequences of an overdose of drugs, terrorists requires rehabilitation 4/2/2014

قناة العالم | المرحلة الأولى من الخطة بريف اللاذقية الشمالي قد إنجزت
Al-Alam Channel | north of Latakia: the first phase of the plan has been completed

التقدم في جبل سلدرين
L’armée syrienne et les forces de défense nationale prennent le contrôle total de la colline Sandariss située tout près de la montagne Al Nassr au nord de Lattakieh près de la frontière Turque.

ريف اللاذقية الشمالي : الجيش يضع التلال الإستراتيجية تحت السيطرة النارية
The northern of Lattakia: the military put the strategy hills under the control of firearms

ادلب || اعادة تأهيل الطرقات بوسائل اولية
Idlib – rehabilitation of roads by means initial

إدلب : جولة تفقدية على مركز إيواء إحسان مبيض
Idlib: an inspection tour on the shelter of IHSAN MUBAYEDD

| الشارع السوري قذائف الهاون أداة إجرام تستهدف الأبرياء
Un civil est tombé en martyr et deux autres ont été blessés du fait de la chute de deux obus de mortier, tirés par des terroristes, sur la cité sportive de Fayhaa à Damas.
Une source au commandement de la police a indiqué que l’obus s’est abattu sur l’entrée principale du bâtiment, faisant un martyr et deux blessés, alors que l’autre était tombé sur le garage, causant des dégâts matériels dans quatre voitures.
La source a ajouté qu’un citoyen était tombé en martyr alors que 5 autres ont été blessés dans des attaques terroristes aux obus de mortier contre les deux quartiers de Mazza et de Barza à Damas.

حلب || قذائف الارهاب تستهدف المدنيين الأبرياء
Aleppo – shells of terrorism attack on innocent civilians

فرنسا || تصاعد المخاوف من عودة الإرهابيين في سورية إلى أوروبا
Des djihadistes français égorgent des civils Syriens. (GRAND ANGLE, 27/03/2014)
Deux journalistes français ont pu récupérer des vidéos de combattants français et belges partis faire le djihad en Syrie. Des vidéos qui montrent qu’ils sont des acteurs directs des atrocités commises en Syrie. Attention, certaines scènes peuvent choquer

قطر تشكل « جيش حر » مصريا
Qatar is working to form an Egyptian « Free Army »

التشيك || الارهاب في سورية ترعاه امريكا وتموله ممالك الخليج
Czech | |The terrorism Syrian is sponsored by the United States and funded by the monarchies of the Gulf

الولايات المتحدة || الجاسوس بولارد … ورقة امريكية جديدة
United States | | The spy Bullard …Is a new U.S. paper

دمشق البزورية Damascus Albzoria

والقول – فقط – ماتقول دمشق
And the saying – only -which Damascus says

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