Decree on terms of vehicles’ departure outside the country for sale



Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad issued Saturday Legislative Decree no. 14 for 2014 on conditions of departure outside the country of the vehicles registered at the Transport directorates.
Based on the decree, owners of registered vehicles are allowed to take their vehicles outside the country via border crossings for the purpose of selling them only after the vehicles had been suspended and all due charges paid.
Owners who violate these rules would have to pay a fine worth the value of the vehicles estimated when first registered at the concerned Transport directorate.
Legislative Decree no. 3 issued on January 12th of 2014 was cancelled according to the new decree.
Minister of Transport, Mahmoud Ibrahim Said said that Decree no. 3 was issued to settle the situation of citizens who were forced to leave the country with their vehicles and had to sell them without resort to transport directorates to pay their fees.

Azouzi & Mahasham

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