Al-Jaafari: Syria rejects use of chemical weapons, recent claims meant to disturb election arrangements \ Le gouvernement syrien rejette catégoriquement l’utilisation des matières chimiques


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New York, (SANA) The main goal of the latest allegations on the use of chlorine gas by Syrian Arab Army is to disturb the successful arrangements of presidential elections in Syria, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed.
Al-Jaafari said, in a press conference Wednesday following a briefing session of Special Coordinator of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) joint mission Sigrid Kaag, that the US has violated its commitment of facilitating reaching a political settlement to crisis in Syria through supporting groups linked to al-Qaeda and transferring weapons to them.
« The Syrian government categorically rejects use of chemical weapons and recent allegations on using chlorine gas by the Syrian Arab Army or any affiliated unit » al-Jaafari said.
He added that Syria enjoys a full membership of UN and OPCW and it works hard to respect all commitments signed between Syrian government and OPCW.
« The main aim of these allegations is to disturb the successful arrangements of the presidential elections in Syria…and those who come up with such allegations will not spare any efforts to break down the election process » The Permanent Representative added.
On reports regarding US transfered anti-armors as it is now considering supplying armed terrorist groups with anti-aircrafts weapons, al-Jaafari said it is an unfortunate decision particularly that US is one of the two countries which proposed Geneva talks.
« Washington should adhere to its commitments towards Russia, UN, Lakhdar Brahimi and the Syrian government…it should also facilitate reaching a political settlement in the country through a national dialogue among Syrians » al-Jaafari added.
On Geneva conference, al-Jaafari said « When we left Geneva after the second round of talks, we agreed with Lakhdar Brahimi that he would come back to us with a new date for proceeding the talks and we are still waiting for him to come and bring us the latest developments after his consultations »
He added that Lakhdar Brahimi is the mediator but he has crossed lines and committed many mistakes, yet we still ready to cooperate with him for proceeding negotiations.
Al-Jaafari stressed that Geneva talks revolve around establishing an inter-Syrian dialogue led by the Syrians themselves with no foreign interference, adding that these talks have nothing to do with elections.
He clarified that Nigeria UN Representative, who is presiding UN Security Council rotating presidency, pointed out the tangible advance regarding transferring chemical materials outside Syria where 90 % were taken away, Al-Jaafari pointed out that Syria is very close to fulfilling the operation of eliminating its stockpile of chemical weapons.

Syria denies reports on using chemical weapons
Syria is vehemently denying allegations that it has used chemical weapons in recent months.
The Syrian ambassador to the UN said the enemies of Syria will spare no effort to overshadow the preparations for the country’s June presidential election. Foreign-backed opposition activists have recently posted videos similar to those from the deadly chemical attack near Damascus last August. They are accusing the Syrian government of being behind the attack. A few days ago, France also said it has information that the Syrian government may be using chemical weapons. France was one of the Western countries which accused Syria of launching the August assault. A leading member of a U-N inquiry commission said testimony from victims of the conflict suggested that insurgents and NOT the government had used the nerve agent Sarin outside Damascus. Meanwhile, the United Nations has confirmed that nearly 90 percent of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile has been removed or destroyed

Analyst :                                                                                                                                          Al-Qaeda has chemical weapons in Syria:
Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, an analyst, in Chicago, about Syria.
The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.
Press TV: Syria is loyal to its commitments; how can one expect the West to stop aiding and abetting the terrorists in Syria?
Duff: We’re not seeing any progress in that area at all. As Syria is almost entirely rid of its chemical weapons the American news is continually bombarded with stories about new chemical weapons coming into Syria. There was a story today from Reuters claiming that shipments of chlorine gas from China arrived – which of course is absurd. And there are additional stories regarding the use of sarin gas.
All of these are fictional. So, the American press is not carrying any of the stories about Syria’s compliance.
And the deal brokered with Russia concerning the climate of relations involving Ukraine and the controversy – let’s call it – over Crimea, there is considerable risk that even at the twelfth hour this deal could go bad.
Press TV: What guarantee is there that the chemical weapons shipped out of Syria will not fall into the wrong hands and be used against Syria or any other country in the region for that matter?
Duff: To some extent… we know where the weapons are going, we know that most are being dealt with inside Russia.
The concern we have is that there are chemical stockpiles we believe inside Syria under the control of al-Qaeda. These are stockpiles that were transferred through Turkey. These are stockpiles that we have traced back to American-run chemical weapons plants in the Republic of Georgia.
We have investigative reporters there like Henry Silverman for one and we’re aware of recent transfers from the Republic of Georgia through Turkey – new sarin gas moving into Syria right now.
There’s going to be an attempt, I believe, to stage another false flag attack. We think the player here behind the scenes is Israel that Israel doesn’t want to let go of these accusations in Syria no matter how much Syria complies.
And Syria has complied – according to the United Nations – they’ve complied entirely with everything that’s been asked of them. (SC/HJL)




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