Coup d’envoi du web site du projet de l’authentification du patrimoine immatériel en Syrie \ Website for inventory of intangible heritage of Syria launched

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Damascus, (SANA) An interactive website for the project of inventory count and database of elements of the intangible heritage of Syria was launched Thursday.
The announcement of the launch was made by the people in charge of the project at Khan Asaad Basha in the old city of Damascus.
The project was carried out in the framework of integrated efforts of the government and civil society as a first major step to implement the strategy of preserving and maintaining the non-material heritage in Syria in line with the International Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, of which Syria became a signatory in 2003.

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Cooperation efforts included those of the Syrian Society for Culture and Knowledge, the Archeology and Museums Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and the Unit of Supporting and Developing National Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites.
Minister of Culture Lubaneh Mshaweh highlighted the importance of the project of preserving the intangible heritage in Syria as this heritage is one of the components of the national identity and the traits of its originality.
“We, as much as we want to safeguard our heritage, which is our legacy, are working to develop this heritage,” the Minister said.
“Our mission is to hand this legacy to future generations intact,” she added.


Representative of the National Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Syria Nidal Hassan expressed hope for a bright future for Syria, noting that the strategies for Syria enjoy the organization’s interest.
Executive Director of the project Talal Moalla noted the website was launched today after the first stage of the collection of non-material heritage in Syria was accomplished.
The website address is
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