Annual Spring Exhibition for plastic arts inaugurated \ Ouverture de l’exposition annuelle du printemps


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Damascus, SANA, More than 140 junior artists displayed Wednesday their new plastic works at the annual Spring Exhibition inaugurated at the Educational Center for Plastic Arts in Damascus.
The two-week exhibition brings together technologies of oil painting and photographing, sculpture, Graphic and experimental projects with varied means.
It reflects the situation of the plastic youth movement, particularly as the majority of participant artists are of the newly-graduated.


Minister of Culture Lubana Mshaweh told SANA the Ministry is determined to support the junior artists and take care of them and their works, considering this exhibition as a proof on eternity of life as all citizens struggle, each from his/her specialization.


She added the crisis in Syria has made plastic art exhibitions « more selective » of what they have been before.
The Minister affirmed that turnout to the culture activities has increased during the latest period, considering the intellectual, cultured and innovator have pioneering role in the Syrian society as culture and art during the crisis are a kind of fighting like combating in the battlefields.

20140430-210648.jpgChairman of Plastic Artists’ Union Haidar Yazaji, for his part, said the variety in topics, technologies and ways of the displayed works express the high level of the Syrian art.               

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