Syrian young lady prides herself on Syria’s civilization before Spanish Queen

Madrid, (SANA) Anna Mas’ad is a Syrian young lady living in Madrid whose heart is replete with deep yearning for the homeland and pride of its cultural heritage and deep-rooted civilization.

Anna insisted to convey the real image of the events in Syria to the Spanish society through attending a number of symposiums, debates and open dialogues.

Her insistence drove her to meet the Queen of Spain at a charity bazaar in Madrid when she presented her with book telling the great heritage of Syria.

In an interview with SANA, Anna noted that the bazaar she visited is an event that is held annually in Madrid for all foreign embassies and aims at getting acquainted with the cultural traits and characteristics these countries are best known for.

« I waited for the Queen near the Arab embassies pavilion…When she came I told her ‘I am from Syria but my country didn’t participate in the bazaar this year, though the entire civilization started in its land’, » she said.

The globally-waged terrorist war raging across Syria prevented it from taking part in this year’s bazaar.

The Queen’s wonder was as such as Anna asked if she may salute her in Aramaic, a version of the language spoken by Jesus the Christ that is still learnt and spoken in the historic Christian city of Maaloula in Damascus Countryside.

The city was only recently recaptured from the terrorists who wreaked havoc in it and desecrated its religious sacredness.

« I am from the Maaloula of Syria, the only country that still speaks Aramaic as we are committed to our civilization and heritage, » Anna said.

The Spanish Queen, Anna noted, knew of the terrorism that ravaged Maaloula and asked her about that, to which Anna enthusiastically answered « We need not worry about Syria as its people will rebuild it. »

Anna unveiled to SANA reporter the great influence which western media practice on the Spanish public opinion in terms of its misleading coverage of the events in Syria.

Many of Anna’s attempts to reverse this course and unmask the truth about what is happening in her homeland have been doomed to failure as the immediate response to her attempted communications with various well-known and most-read French newspapers to publish articles to this effect was « publishing any article speaking positively of Syria is rejected, while the opposite case is always desired ».

She however reveled that she is working in cooperation with the Center for Research and Studies in the Middle East, to gather the biggest number of volunteer artists and sculptors they could to contribute to restoration works of the Syrian archeological monuments and ruins damaged by the armed takfiri groups.

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Special Syrian presence at international exhibition in USA 

Florida, (SANA) Members of the Syrian community in the USA participated in an international exhibition, introducing Syria’s culture and civilization to the visitors.

One of the organizers of the Syrian booth Wafaa Rouman told SANA that Syria’s participation in the exhibition of « Countries from all world » was organized with support from the Syrian-American forum and with the help of Syrian community in the USA, adding that the Syrian booth was shaped like a tent adorned with pictures for archeological sites in Syria.


The Booth staff Received visitors and welcomed them using distinctive Syrian greeting, in addition to offering them deferent kinds of traditional Syrian food before they entered the tent to see the exhibits.

She pointed out that Syrian booth consists of 3 tables, the first one presented Syrian popular food and sweets, while the second one presented traditional handcrafts, and the third one presented some books introducing the Syrian culture to the world.


The Syrian community members who are participating in supervising the booth work to introduce the Americans to Syria’s culture and heritage.

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