TV ANNA News à Kassab



TV ANNA News à Kassab
Two months ago we, the crew Anna News, was shot in the Armenian Church Armenian refugees from Latakia city Kasaba. I remember what a pain these people talked about events forced them to hastily leave their hometown. And here is good news. Syrian army liberated Kasab.
City remained in the hands of militants Dzhabhat en Nusra than 3 months, but what they left behind. Destroyed buildings, ransacked the apartment and numerous slogans front en-Nusra.
It threw all militants in the lam. You see and antitank missile systems, and gas masks NATO sample, and gifts from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here and food, and clothing, and mortar shells, and a large number of improvised explosive devices.
Thanks to lightning offensive Syrian army managed to avoid the destruction of many buildings.
And this inscription left militants Chechen battalion involved in the capture of Kasab.
On roadsides many burnt cars.
Lots of shops looted and burned.
On the way to the border crossing point Sahra notice abandoned ambulance. These machines which prove once again that Turkey helps militants. Machines such marks are not used for emergency medical services in Syria. Yes and inscriptions leave no doubt who used them. As mentioned refugees, these machines are first brought into Syria militants and weapons, and took them back to the wounded terrorists.
That twist on the border crossing Sahra, along the road on the fence slogans Dzhabhat en Nusra
Here everything was mined, imagine what hideous explosion could be from all this explosive.
That boundary, there is Turkey. Border crossing on the Turkish side is closed.
Immediately, in a building border crossing militants made a field hospital. Medicines and dressings made in Turkey.
This old man is one of the few who remained in Kesap during capture militants. –
And as a finishing touch to the expulsion of militant Kasab, at the border post soldiers rip flag division front en-Nusra and raise the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic. (Google translation )


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