24 civilians killed, dozens of others injured in terrorist attacks


10 November، 2015
Lattakia/Damascus, SANA – Twenty-four civilians were killed and 50 others were injured in terrorist rocket attacks in Lattakia city on Tuesday.
The casualties were caused by two rocket shells that landed in residential areas in Lattakia city, according to a Police Command source.
Earlier, the director of Lattakia Health Directorate Ammar Ghannam told SANA reporter that the death toll from the rocket attacks has risen to 16 dead after 4 wounded people succumbed to their injuries.
Meanwhile, a civilian was killed and 5 others were injured due to terrorist mortar attacks on neighborhoods in Damascus city.
A source at the Police Command told SANA reporter that terrorists fired mortar shells that hit several neighborhoods in Damascus city, leaving a civilian dead and 5 others injured.
The source added that the attacks also caused material damage to a number of houses and cars.


Obama’s Moderates Launch New Round of Terror against Latakia

Miri Wood, RNc

On 10 November, US President Barack Obama’s orwellian moderate rebels — which have cost American taxpayers upwards of 2 billion bipartisan dollars — have again bombed the Syrian seaside city of Latakia, with a reported minimum four missiles used to bomb Tishreen University, a children’s school, and the Sbiro bus station. The devastation includes 23 martyrs, with the death count expected to increase, as many of the 65 + wounded, have been critically injured.

Latakia, whose history dates back to the 4th century BCE, had been a safe city, so unscathed that it had been able to absorb thousands of internally displaced persons, escaping Western-led terrorism against the Syrian Arab Republic. Its inviolability was shattered, on 13 August, 2015, when a vehicle near the al Assad University Hospital was remotely detonated. Four days later, “moderate” mass murderers bombed the bus terminal, and numerous neighborhoods, with nine missiles. Another round of slaughter occurred 3 September, when Obama’s coward-moderate terrorists remotely blew up a van, filled with explosives, outside the Imad Ali School, in al Hamam Square, murdering 10, and injuring 25 (the death count reached 16); the empire’s BBC lead photo was of bombed vehicles, with the gleeful caption that “activists said it was the biggest car bomb…”.












Lattakia-mortar-terrorist-attack-14-300x150 (1)

On 30 October, Obama — whose Nero-like impunity surely must have the Dick Cheney returning to his rug-chewing, in rabid envy — announced he would be illegally sending dozens of US special operative assassins into Syria, to train more takfiri moderate terrorists; one must wonder if this latest round of bombing the citizens of Latakia is evidence of their success.
One must also wonder at the murderous hypocrisy of the president who bleats about his country’s problem with guns, while arming killers in Syria, with such arrogant aplomb.



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