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Maaloula rises from the ravages of terrorism

Damascus, (SANA) After the dust of battles settled in Maaloula and terrorism was vanquished in the ancient town, the scale of damage wrought by terrorists who overran the city became all too evident. Maaloula, a town near Damascus which is … Lire la suite

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Les terroristes du Front d’Al-Nusrah ont commis un massacre contre les habitants d’Adra « النصرة» تجتاح «عدرا العمالية» وترتكب مجزرة بالمدنيين »

URGENT عاجل Sectarian-Based Massacres and Burning Committed in Adra, Syria by Saudi-Backed Wahhabi Militants Adra massacre: Militants show photos of those they beheaded – Extremist militants have posted photos of people they have beheaded in Syria’s Adra, located near capital … Lire la suite

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